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Traeger Scout Vs. Ranger – Which Pellet Grill to Choose?

Traeger Vs. Ranger

Wondering which portable pellet grill made by Traeger is better? Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

For outdoor cooking enthusiasts, it is a must to have a good-quality smoker. Whether you prefer grilling or barbecuing, you will find plenty of options for smokers, but Traeger Scout and Traeger Ranger are two highly popular. 

At first glance, both units seem similar, and you will not find any significant difference. However, by comparing the features, specifications, durability, and reliability, you will get a clearer idea of choosing the best one per your requirements.

Therefore, we have shared a detailed comparison between Traeger Scout and Ranger to help you find the perfect pellet grill companion for car camping or RV life.

Traeger Scout Vs. Ranger – A Quick Comparison

Features Traeger Scout Traeger Ranger
Weight 45 lbs 60 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 30 × 20 21× 30 × 20
Cooking space 184 sq. in 184 sq. in
Hopper Capacity 4 lbs 8 lbs
Controls First Generation Digital Pro Controller Digital Arc Controller
Temperature Range 180 to 450 ℉ (5℉ increments) 180 to 450 ℉ (25℉ increments)
Grate Material Porcelain Coated Steel Porcelain Coated Steel
Warranty  3 years 3 years

Traeger Scout Vs. Ranger – Take A Look At In-Depth Features 

Scout and Ranger are Traeger’s two most competitive models offering several incredible features ideal for delivering the best grilling results. However, you may not want to get both to enjoy all benefits; rather, by analyzing and comparing them, you can pick the best one.


Traeger Scout has an average weight of 45 pounds, making it quite light to carry and transport during camping. The dimensions of both units are similar, with 21 inches width, 13 inches height, and 20 inches depth.

Traeger Ranger, on the other hand, has 60 pounds weight which is comparably higher and puts an extra burden on carrying additional 15 pounds during camping.

As both units are portable, you can easily transport them during traveling and enjoy the RV life; however, Scout weighs comparably less than Ranger.

Design & Quality 

The design and quality of both units of Traeger are extraordinary. They look almost similar in design, but a slight difference is also noticeable.

Traeger Scout is an older model and has a rounded top and handle.

Ranger has a straighter appearance.

Design & Quality

Both look like brief-case, which is the part of the tabletop, while the design also includes built-in legs. They have a powder-coated steel construction to prevent any chance of scratches or dents getting on the surface.

The steel latches on these units are tightly held to make their transport safe and secure.

The inside of Traeger Scout and Ranger is made of standard porcelain-coated grates that have several benefits. These surfaces are easy to clean and corrosion-resistant, making cooking simple but best.

Cooking Space

The average space required for Trager Scout is 184 square inches, sufficient to cook meals for large families. You can easily make six burgers, ten sausages, 4 to 6 steaks, and a rack of ribs in this cooking space area. You can put the whole chicken inside the grill or cut it in half to fit inside. You can easily prepare meals for 1 to 4 members in this cooking space.

Traeger Ranger has a similar cooking space of 184 square inches, but there is a significant difference in the hopper capacity. The hopper in Scout is smaller (4 pounds) compared to Ranger, which has double capacity.

Usually, one hour is required for slow and low smoking per pound of pellets. So, your Scout’s hopper will run for 4 hours with a single filling and open the lid. In order to prolong smoking from 4 hours, you will need to refill it.

But Ranger will need refilling after 7 to 8 hours of smoking which is quite a long period.

Temperature Settings

One of the most essential comparing features between Scout and Ranger is temperature control. 

Traeger Scout is a basic unit with a first-generation Pro Digital Controller, which is good enough to balance the temperature at a consistent range. But you can only adjust the temperature in 25 degrees increments. It won’t be difficult to smoke at 225 degrees, but reaching a higher or more precise temperature, these controllers will not offer flexibility.

In contrast, Traeger Ranger offers a highly advanced Digital Arc Controller with 5-degree temperature increments starting from 180 to 450 degrees. You can easily adjust the temperature with the time required to prepare dinner.

Though temperature controllers are different in both, they have similar temperature ranges suitable for baking, roasting, wood firing, and braising a pizza.

Power Source

Scout and Ranger have 110 V power cables that you can plug into any switch. You can also get an inverter to attach your unit to a car or other battery.

Additional Accessories

  • You can get a stainless steel meat probe with both units to monitor the meat’s internal temperature. 
  • A cast iron griddle is included in Ranger to ease grilling and to fry up some foods. 
  • Due to the porcelain-coated body, you will no longer worry about rusting.

However, you can also buy this griddle separately with Traeger Scout, but the price will increase from the previous range.

Additional Accessories

Value For Money

The pricing is not too low compared to other large-sized pellet grills. However, a mid-ranged Scout pellet grill is slightly cheaper but includes all the necessary features to use while camping. These units are durable, and you can use them for years without needing frequent repairs.

Traeger Ranger is a standard pellet grill model that can smoke large amounts of food. You can get benefit from its hassle-free cooking features. But these are also expensive due to the latest controls and other specifications.

Traeger Scout Vs. Ranger – Review

Traeger Scout Review

The smoker’s weight often concerns campers searching for units that provide ease of mobility. So, the low weight will be better to make it easy to carry these units. The Traeger Scout has comparably less weight than Ranger.

You can operate it using wood pellets that will enrich your food flavor. The body of Scout is sturdy and made of high-quality stainless steel that doesn’t rust easily.

Another feature that people praised is the meat probe. The additional tools make it easy to monitor the internal temperature of the meat without hovering over the grill.

However, there are some limitations, such as 25 degrees temperature increments, no griddle plats, and a small-sized hopper.

Traeger Ranger Review

Both are portable and useful on dirt, gravel, or grass surfaces. There isn’t much difference in the dimension of both units as they require similar space to be placed. Though Ranger has a large hopper capacity, it doesn’t need additional space.

It has the best temperature controls with 5 degrees increments and a larger cooking area. The large hopper allows you to prepare meals for a long time without worrying about refilling the smoker.

But there are a few downsides, such as heavy weight, which creates difficulty in carrying the unit during camping and traveling. Also, the high price tag is too much for this sized smoker.



Does Traeger Scout Have Wi-Fi?

Though there are multiple advanced features, Traeger Scout doesn’t have Wi-Fi. There is a control panel to adjust cooking temperature and duration, but none of the units have Wi-Fi connectivity.

Does Trager Ranger Need Electricity?

To operate your Traeger ranger, you will need a 110 to 120-voltage outlet. However, the wattage requires to run Ranger is at least 400 watts.


Comparing Traeger Scout vs. Ranger is tricky due to lots of similar features. However, by analyzing in-depth, you can learn some significant differences. But which one to choose between, Traeger Scout and Ranger? Though both are good in multiple ways, Ranger is better than Scout. It is the newer model with several incredible qualities you will not find in Scout. But if you are on a tight budget, Scout will save you a good cost.

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