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Samsung Microwave Does Not Heat Food But Run – Why & How

Samsung-Microwave-Does-Not-Heat-Food-But-RunThis is one of the common problems that we face with our microwaves.

You might think it is a simple issue, but it is not. There are many reasons behind this problem, and we will discuss them in this article.

The door switch, timer relay, and fuse can cause this problem. But there is one more possibility that people with this problem rarely consider. It can happen due to demo mode in some Samsung microwaves.

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What Are The Common Reasons Samsung Microwaves Do Not Heat Food But Burn?

Check The Kitchen Timer Feature

In most microwaves, a button or switch allows you to choose between Kitchen Timer and Cooking modes. If you accidentally press this button or switch, your microwave will run continuously until it finishes its programmed cycle.

Press Stop/Clear If Necessary

If you’re having an issue with your Kitchen Timer feature, pressing Stop/Clear can force the microwave to stop running and return to normal operation. This is particularly useful if no other methods work and you need to get rid of any remaining power in your microwave so you can use it again later on without any issues.

Check Magnetron

The magnetron is turned on, but the breaker of a magnetron is tripped off, or there is a break in wiring from the magnetron to the control board (broken wire).

Check If The Breaker Of The Magnetron Tripped Off

If you hear a click when you press any of the buttons like the Start/Stop Button or Open Door Button, then the breaker of the magnetron tripped off. Turn off the power supply (unplug the plug), wait 1 minute, and turn it back on the power supply again. See if it works now or not. If yes, replace your microwave oven with a new one, as this problem may occur again in the future due to a failed component inside your current microwave oven (control board).

Locate Fuse Panel

If you still see nothing or receive an error message, check the fuse and replace it if necessary by following these instructions:

  • Open the door and remove any food or dishes from the inside.
  • Locate the fuse panel behind a small door on top of your microwave oven or behind a protective grill in front of it. (It’s usually near where power cords come out of your microwave.) If you don’t see one of these, try removing all screws from around your microwave and look for another way to access this panel.

Heating Element

There may be something wrong with another microwave part besides the heating element. You should check other parts, such as circuit boards, resistors, and fuses, for problems before replacing the heating element itself. If everything else is working properly except for the heating element, then there may be an issue with the heating element itself that needs to be replaced.

Missleneous Tasks To Do For Checking Your Samsung Microwave is Not Heating But Running

  • Ensure there are no obstacles in front of or behind the microwave oven’s sensors.
  • Check to see if there is a blockage in the exhaust vent. If there is, remove it and check that something else does not block the vent.
  • The microwave may have been damaged during shipping or installation. Check for damage to the unit and report it to the store where you bought it.

The microwave may need to be replaced if it was damaged by water or food splatter from cooking.

Demo Mode Is A Common Cause Of The Problem

If you have recently purchased your Samsung microwave, it probably has demo mode on board which helps them to sell more products by showing their features to customers easily. Demo mode means that if you press any button on your microwave, it will not perform any function except for showing you how it works when you press any button.

So if you press any button on your microwave for heating or cooling food items, then after pressing the button, no action will take place, rather than showing you how it works when you press that particular button.

Why Does Demo Mode Not Allow To Heat Food But Run?

This is because the magnetron is not turned on. You can test the demo mode with 2 options;

  1. Running but not heating
  2. The clock is running faster than usual

If this is the case, you must follow two easy steps.



If you use a model with the buttons Options or My Settings, from Options, choose the demo button, or from MySettings at number 2 in the menu among 6 options, turn off the demo mode.

If this is not the case in your Samsung Microwave Oven, use the user manual instructions on removing the demo mode.

Microwave Counting Faster

If your microwave is counting faster than usual, this is meant to denote that it is running under “demo mode” now; you need to remove it and start using it as usual. But if your manual instructions are silent on this issue, consult the customer care services of Samsung.

Test The Demo Mode


Remove the turntable and any other removable parts. Make sure the door is closed and locked, then press and hold the Demo/Clock button for 3 seconds. If the microwave oven beeps once and an O appears in the display, the demo mode is on. If it does not beep or nothing happens when you press and hold the Demo/Clock button, then demo mode is off.

Make Sure the Food Quantity In The Microwave Oven

It has often been noticed that the food quantity is as low to heat in the microwave, which may cause not heat but the microwave to run properly.

In that case, Sensor Cooking and Auto Cooking results failed, which is the malfunctioning of the Samsung Microwave oven.

If Troubleshooting Resists

If the troubleshooting steps did not help above, then you have a couple of options based on your warranty.

  • If you are still within the warranty period, you can contact Samsung to see if they will repair or replace your microwave. For example, Samsung offers a 1-year limited warranty on their microwaves. If you purchased your unit after December 01, 2022, it is eligible for an extended 3-year limited warranty which covers parts and labor.
  • It would help if you had an extended warranty; in this case, you can reach out to the Samsung service center to have the service set up.
  • You may also avail one-year warranty under which any moderator may need your full model and the serial number of the microwave to entertain you with the service setup.
  • If your unit is beyond warranty, you can try to find a local repair shop to fix it. This is often cheaper than buying a new appliance and can be done fairly quickly if they have experience with Samsung microwaves. If this does not work out or you want to save money on repairs, you can always try getting rid of it for parts or scrap metal.

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