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PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Review- The Kitchen Necessity

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill ReviewIn this Power XL Air Fryer Grill Review, we will discover whether it is a worthy appliance. The Power XL Air Fryer Grill is a versatile 8-in-1 kitchen appliance that is unique since it can create a wide range of delicacies. 

The complete 8-in-1 design of this toaster oven is its best feature! The good cooking presets provide a range of cooking ways in one countertop device, all with a simple knob turn. 

You can grill, air fry, bake, broil, sear, toast, reheat, or use the air fryer/grill feature. The possibilities are endless!

Detailed PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Review 

Detailed PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Review 


This section will help you know more about the product and why you should consider buying PowerXl Air Fryer Grill. Here are some of its features that make it more reliable for the kitchen. 


The volume of the PowerXL air fryer grill 8-in-1 is 930 cubic inches. This air fryer is larger than most others on the market. With this, you can cook a meal for a household of three to seven people. 


This air fryer grill produces seven times the amount of superheated air as comparable machines. This ensures that your dinner is only cooked for a short time. 


Here are the eight presets you’ll receive with the Air Fryer Grill. Pizza oven/rack, Tray for drips, Pan for baking, Grill pan (nonstick), Crispier plate, Set of rotisserie spits, Book of recipes. And During the buying process, you will also receive a one-year VIP protection package.

The user can make so many delicious recipes using this air fryer. Our favorite recipe that we’ve made using this air fryer was chicken wings. Very crunchy and yummy!

Dishwasher friendly 

Dishwasher-safe accessories mean you don’t have to worry about cleaning them. This makes cleaning a breeze. As a result, don’t bother about washing if you’re making multiple meals. 


It doesn’t have a digital control panel, but it does have three knobs for setting the cooking function, temperature, and time. It’s simple to use now. 

Cooking Features 

This device contains eight cooking presets, as its name suggests. This will eliminate the need for a large number of kitchen appliances. Other than air frying or grilling, you can use it for other cooking operations like reheating, baking, toasting, and roasting. 

Customer Reviews 

There has been no smoke or excessive heat, and my countertop has remained safe. There will be no problem with smoke if you use parchment on the air fry rack or a drip tray above the coils.

I wish the guidebook included more recipes focused on the air fryer rather than the grill. I appreciate how practical it is. 


I recently received this Power XL. It was nicely packed. So far, I’ve cooked chicken, fries, potatoes, grilled fish, and warm-up a few things. They all turned out OK. Because the metal is so thin, I will try cooking some other things and report on how they turned out. 


I like almost everything about it. Aside from that, I’m quite pleased with my choice of brand and model! I’ve cooked various dishes in it, and they’ve all been great! I grilled pork chops and air-fried french fries simultaneously, and the results were fantastic!! 


It does exactly what it says: it grills, sears, and air fries simultaneously. Can cook steaks and roast vegetables simultaneously. 

William W.
<b>William W.</b>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is the PowerXL grill capable of producing smoke? 

This type boasts the ability to grill “nearly smokeless.” This is just partially correct. 

When working with anything that will leak juices or moisture onto the heating components, utilize a drip pan; otherwise, there will be a lot of smoke from the device. 

Is it true that air fryers make food crispy? 

Yes! Food made in an air fryer is crispy. It can crisp your meals because of its superheated airflow and minimum oil usage. 

What are the oven’s dimensions? 

External dimensions are 19.125″ broad, 10.5″ tall, and 11.375″ deep. With the handle, exterior measurements are 19.125″ broad, 10.5″ tall, and 11.375″ deep. 12.5″ wide x 7.675″ tall x 11″ deep are the inside dimensions. 

Can I peek at my food while it’s cooking? 

During cooking, you can remove the spinning basket. You can also flip the meal to ensure that it is evenly heated. The PowerXL will automatically resume the programmed cycle where it left off.

In an air fryer, how long does it take to cook wings? 

It takes 36 minutes to cook wings in an air fryer. This time is split up into different preparations. First, set the air fryer to French fry mode and the cooking time to three minutes.

 This is to get the air fryer ready. Place the wings on the racks and set the timer for twenty-five minutes. Take the wings out of the oven and place them in a bowl with buffalo sauce. Set the timer to eight minutes and replace it. 


  • It has multiple cooking methods.
  • It uses very less or no oil.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The small size saves countertop space.
  • Free recipe book.


  • It gets very hot.
  • It is Noisy.
Final Verdict 

In this Power XL Air Fryer Grill Review, we’ve described everything in detail. It is a versatile device with many functions. It has various unique characteristics that set it apart from the competitors, such as the grill/air fry preset. 

Thanks to its greater capacity, higher temps, larger fan, and eight cook settings, it’s an extra-versatile indoor grill. If you want a high-quality air fryer grill that can handle all of your cooking needs, the Power XL is a great option for kitchen needs.

We recommend Power Xl Air Fryer as it is an 8-in-1 appliance, so 10/10 worth the money.