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NuWave Brio Air Fryer Review- Best 4 Models

NuWave Brio Air Fryer ReviewBuying new kitchen appliances can be a difficult task, so this NuWave Brio Air Fryer Review.

It will ensure that you receive the best device in your budget, and you want to know that it will last

An air fryer is a compact countertop convection oven with a compact cylindrical shape. It’s a type of kitchen equipment that cook’s food with high-temperature air. Air fryers are miniature ovens that crisp up chickens, fries, vegetables, and other air-fried dishes with very little (or no!) Oil. 

The NuWave air fryer is one of these devices, and it is widely considered one of the best air fryers available due to its dependability and versatility. They’re multipurpose appliances that can be fried, barbecued, and roast food.

A NuWave air fryer recipe booklet, a thermostatic gauge, a basket separator, a grill pan, a non-stick baking pan, and a multilevel cooking rack are with an air fryer.

Different capacity varieties of the brio air fryer series include the brio 7.25 quart, 6-quart, 14-quart, and many more. As a result, it’s critical to take your time and research before purchasing your next kitchen device.

Top 4 NuWave Brio Air Fryer Review 

NuWave Brio 14-Quart Large-Capacity Air Fryer

NuWave Brio 14-Quart Large-Capacity Air Fryer


  • Model: 38001
  • Weight:20 lbs
  • Capacity:14 quarts
  • Temperature range: from 60 to 400 Fahrenheit

The NuWave 38001 is one of their famous air fryers based on their frying capacity. The temperature probe built into the 14-quart NuWave brio adjusts the cooking process according to the internal temperature of your food.

Cooking with easy-breezy brio is straightforward. It cooks crispy fried foods without greasy oil using super-heated air and a revolutionary air-flow layout. You can air-fry all of your favorite foods thanks to flavor-infusion technology. It’s the ideal balance of capability and adaptability. Ideal for busy families on the go!

The NuWave air fryer offers a one-touch control feature that helps users to choose between the six preset modes. It has a preheat feature that prepares your food for cooking and a reheat mode that enables you to re-cook your meal as often as you desire.

A digital timer with an automatic shutoff option comes with the 38001 air fryer. Unlike other analog air fryers, the NuWave brio 14 quarts boasts a revolutionary LED screen and power display light that shows the actual temperature at which your meals are ready.

This model’s most notable feature is a pro-style rotisserie function (skewer and basket included), which allows you to prepare more meat-based recipes. Stainless steel racks and a drip tray are standard on the brio. Cleaning is quick because all of the parts go into the dishwasher.

Our Verdict

Our top pick in this guide is the air fryer because this appliance offers a 50 percent larger cooking capacity than the 3-quart device at a cost that is just about 20% higher. It is worth examining just for that reason. It’s also more attractive and easy to clean. While using the equipment, you can easily adjust the time, length, wattage, temperature, and other features.


  • Many meat dishes are easy to cook, thanks to the rotisserie feature.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.
  • It is portable, making it simple to keep the merchandise.
  • It features custom recipe settings in the program.
  • It has a retractable door that allows you to adjust it easily while cooking.


  • It takes up a lot of room in the kitchen.
  • Cleaning wire racks is difficult.

NuWave 8 Quart Brio 6 In 1 Digital Air Fryer

NuWave 8 Quart Brio 6 In 1 Digital Air Fryer


  • Model: 37090
  • Capacity: 10-quarts
  • Temperature range:  from 50 to 400 Fahrenheit

The 8-quart NuWave brio digital air fryer precisely cooks your favorite fried dishes fast and effectively using superheated air, high-speed air circulation, and a specially designed cooking chamber.

Brio continuously checks the inside temperature of your meal once the desired doneness temperature is set, and when the inner heat is attained, the heating process is instantly stopped. Brio’s white show is effortless to see in any light, including complete darkness.

With eight quarts of room, you can quickly cook hundreds of wings, fries, vegetables, etc. Place them into the container and add some of your best oil if required. 

You will have perfectly cooked snacks and dinners when the timer goes off. The brio can air fry, bake, roast, and grill thanks to its 1800 watts and heating rate of 50°f to 400°f.

The reversible rack and air circulation ensure that super-heated air flows around your food. With the help of digital-smart probes, you can correctly track your food.

Our Verdict

The brio is small enough to fit on most counters but large enough to cook a 5-pound chicken or 3 pounds of fries. The brio is small enough to fit on most counters yet large enough to cook a 5-pound chicken or 3 pounds of fries. You can change the temperature in five-degree increments until you achieve the desired result. It’s ideal for large families. We recommend this.


  • It has a riser that allows air to circulate.
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • The unit won’t work if the drawer isn’t in place.


NuWave Brio 7.25-Quart Digital Air Fryer

NuWave Brio 7.25-Quart Digital Air Fryer


  • Model: 37061
  • Weight: 16lbs
  • Capacity: 7.25 quarts
  • Temperature range: from 50 to 400 Fahrenheit

The NuWave brio 7.25-quart digital air fryer is ideal if you want to swiftly cook all of your favorite large meals in one device without using a lot of oil. It can hold 3-pound french fries due to its high volume. 

It’s simple to use. The brio offers an auto preheat mode that ensures your dish prepares to the temperature you want. It has a reversible rack, an air circulation riser, and a base tray. The air circulation riser lifts your food while cooking and ensures regular air circulation.

 There’s a non-stick coating on the base tray and air circulation riser. Avoid cast iron skillets or powerful scrubbers, as they can harm the covering. You may also change your food while cooking by hitting the stage button until the led display reflects the function you want to change.

In addition to frying, you can bake, broil, and roast. The 37601 model has six presets, including fries, frozen fries, nuggets, meat, poultry, and seafood.

Our Verdict

This air fryer comes with an air circulation riser and several other fascinating features that keep it classy while protecting it from damage. It’s also worth noting that you may make modifications while cooking, with the led display reflecting the function you’d like to change.


  • It has a digital lighting control system.
  • It can roast, broil, barbecue, and bake.
  • It has an air circulation riser.
  • It can serve a family of 3-4 people extra meals.
  • Very easy to use.


  • Plastic with a foul odor.
  • Unable to dehydrate food.

NuWave Brio 3-Quart Digital Air Fryer

NuWave Brio 3-Quart Digital Air Fryer


  • Model: 36011
  • Weight: 14.6 lbs
  • Capacity: 3-quarts
  • Temperature range: from 100 to 400 Fahrenheit

The NuWave brio 3-quart digital air fryer is perfect if you want a low-cost, user-friendly, handy air fryer that won’t cause any problems. With the help of high-speed hot air circulation technology, it precisely cooks your delicious fried and crispy meals.

When the pan is not securely placed, the fryer has automatically shut off the operation because the NuWave 3-quart air fryer has come up with an auto shut-off safety mechanism that prevents it from operating. The preheat mode will automatically heat your air fryer to the proper temperature, ensuring it is ready to use.

 It has six presets that allow you to set the machine for specific food without altering it manually. Fries, frozen fries, nuggets, steak, poultry, and fish are among the cooking presets. It has a digital LCD touch control panel that you may use to run your air fryer.

 It’s ideal for couples, small families, and solo dining due to its compact size. The 36011 has made it easy to reheat your last night’s leftover dinner/pizza with a single button.

Our Verdict

It’s an excellent pick for a low-cost, handy-budget air fryer serving a cute tiny family of 2-3 people. We recommend this air fryer for broiling, baking, and roasting are also some other options.                                                                     


  • It is affordable
  • Faster than a regular oven.
  • It has six presets.
  • Auto shut off feature.


  • You’ll have to spend more money if you want to buy accessories individually.
  • Quite bulky.

Buying Guide

When searching for the top air fryer, here are a few things to keep in mind.


It’s critical to consider the size that best suits your needs. There are a variety of sizes and prices to pick from, so you can find the perfect one for your home. You’ll need a larger space fryer if you’re preparing for a large family or hosting a dinner party, while one- or two-person families can get by with a smaller device. However, note that the higher the capacity, the bigger the appliance will be and the additional kitchen space required.


Multimodal Air fryers merge multiple or many regularly utilized culinary tasks into one appliance, saving you money and time in the cooking process. They come with accessories that let you do things like roasting, baking, and grilling. Some models are capable of cooking an entire chicken.

Electricity Consumption

Check if the wattage your air fryer requires is compatible with your kitchen outlet. An air fryer with 1500 watts of electricity will only require one unit of energy per day. Use the air fryer for at least 10 min to suit household cooking needs. Most air fryers use less than half a unit of energy per day because their power rating is less than 1500 watts.

Pre-Programmed Functions

Some cookers have built-in preset programs that allow consumers to simply put their food, push one button, and walk away. All air fryers, digital and analog, include a timer, but the preset functions eliminate meal preparation and cooking guesswork.


For an air fryer with well-insulated insides and awesome hand grips to avoid getting burnt while removing the basket. Second, the device’s bottom should have non-slip feet to prevent tipping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it a must to use oil in a NuWave air fryer?

No! Oil-free cooking is a breeze with the air fryer. Even though many manufacturers and recipes recommend a small amount of oil, the intense heat and flowing air will provide a crispy texture without oil.

What should I do if I smell the smoke or if my air fryer starts to smell strange when air frying?

Ensure your air fryer is clean! We know that the source of the most severe smoking and odor issues was a filthy air fryer. If you notice a lot of smoke or smell burning even though your food isn’t burning, you must clean the area where you’ve kept your air fryer’s heating element to reduce any built-up dirt.

Is it safe and healthy to use an air fryer?

It varies on what you’re preparing in your air fryer, but it’s almost always healthier than deep-frying or pan-frying in oil. When you use minimal oil, you use far less fat and calories.

Why is oil leaking from my air fryer?

Leaking oil can cause significant damage to the environment and even pose a fire threat if it begins to heat up. If you put a lot of food in the air fryer, the air fryer basket is affected, the food contains too much liquid, and the air fryer design is flawed.

What is the best way to keep food from sticking to your air fryer?

When you’re preparing foods like shredded chicken or delicate seafood, there’s a good possibility they’ll adhere to your equipment. To prevent sticking, spray the rack with vegetable oil spray before beginning the food preparation.


Most fried-food addicts should be aware of air fryers, which allow them to prepare their favorite foods more healthily. Air fryers are available in styles and from a plethora of manufacturers. The NuWave air fryer is undeniably a versatile and handy kitchen appliance that produces excellent cooking results. It comes with various presets, features, and attachments that help increase its possibilities.

After analyzing everything in this NuWave Brio Air Fryer Review, our top pick is this guide’s NuWave Brio 14 quarts large-capacity air fryer. With a temperature range of 50 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you can air fry, broil, roast, barbecue, sear, toast, reheat, and even dry all in one countertop device.

Because of the high wattage usage of the device, you shouldn’t be worried about your bills going up at the end of the month when using it. The product has a unique feature that allows you to regulate the number of watts it needs as much as you want.

You can slow cook or bbq without returning and adjust the timer every hour. It is practical and time-saving. Because of the brio’s cooking technology and big capacity, you can use it for nearly every meal of the day, including dessert!

This air fryer simplifies cooking and provides a healthier, more balanced lifestyle for the user. As a result, the NuWave air fryer is an excellent value for money.