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Ninja Foodi NeverStick Review: Pros, Cons and Buyer’s Guide

Ninja-Foodi-NeverStick-ReviewWhen it comes to cooking, many options are available out there, including stainless steel cookware for fancy cooks and cast iron. Many people prefer to choose nonstick cookware due to its amazing features.

Obviously, most cooking simply cannot be done without a good set of pans and pots. They are a must-buy for all homeowners and cooking lovers but finding a suitable set that offers excellent performance, and premium quality within an affordable price range can be problematic.

You will want to consider the right size, sturdy construction, and other essential features to pick the ideal cookware. Therefore, I’ll let you know everything about Ninja  Foodi NeverStick Pans, which ensures sear like stainless steel can handle a 500-degree temperature and promises lifetime working abilities.

Ninja Foodi NeverStick 12-Inches Hard Anodized Frying Pan Review

It is always fun to have new cookware and the same excitement we have faced while testing Ninja Foodie NeverStick hard anodized pan. This 12-inches frying pan has enough surface area on which you can easily cook anything you want.

After using this pan by Ninja Foodi, you will find out that this one is a well-known reliable brand that has branched out to non-stick production.

The pan is thick, perfect in size with a simple design, and can distribute heat equally. We have run several tests on the cooking, cleaning, heating time, and food release ability and compared it with other pans of premium quality to find out Ninja Foodi Neverstick Hard Anodized frying pan is worth buying.


Item Weight: 3 Pounds

Dimension: 19.25 × 12.25 × 2.2 inches

Cooking Surface: Aluminum

Surface Size: 12 Inches

Handle: Riveted Handle, Stainless Steel

Material: Aluminum

Aluminium Base: 4.5mm thick

Interior Construction: Non-stick

Temperature Threshold: 500 Degrees Fahrenheit

Care & Cleaning: Dishwasher safe

Ninja C30030 Foodi NeverStick



Solid Construction

The solid construction is the 70% deciding factor of how well the nonstick cookware will perform. The rest is dependent on the design and the way of using it with proper care and maintenance.

The nonstick pans by Ninja have gone one step ahead to make sure that the true nonstick pans can last longer than expected. A certain manufacturing technique has been used in these pans where the maximum of 30,000 F can be used while other pans use 900 F.

The pan appears to be substantial, similar to any cast iron pan. It is made of hard-anodized aluminum, which is more durable than stainless steel.

Efficient Design

The design of the Ninja Foodi Nonstick pan is simple yet efficient. The pan has deep flared sides, and the depth is enough to hold more ingredients inside it. The exterior of this nonstick pan is shot blasted and has a grainy, rough texture, while the interior is quite smoother compared to the interior.

The handle is made of solid stainless steel that is long, round and feels comfortable while holding. The hold at one end of the handle is useful for hanging it up on the rack. The handle doesn’t get hot due to the heat-dissipating forked design and the name of Ninja engraved on it.

Heat Retention & Distribution

The pan has enough thickness that allows it to take time to heat up, mainly due to the commercial-grade aluminum used in its manufacturing. It needs to be preheated before cooking; otherwise, the food would definitely stick to the base, and you will think that the neverstick option doesn’t work.

After preheating the pan, you will get equal heat distribution to all the edges and sides, while the distributed heat will also retain for enough time.

Easy Cleaning

It is simply very easy to clean a Ninja Neverstick pan. It is common when food sticks to the pan’s surface when you let it cool, and then you have to scratch or scrub to get the material off.

Fortunately, the cold and stuck bits of food on Ninja’s pan can easily get off with the help of a sponge without the need to scratch. You can also do its cleaning in a dishwasher.

It is highly recommended not to make it habitual to get food stuck on the surface as it will compete with the longevity of nonstick.

Customer Reviews for Ninja Foodi NeverStick

I am not usually a fan of nonstick pans, but during the last couple of months, I had to make burgers, eggs, sausages, french toast, steaks, etc., so I gave this pan a try. I never faced any problem all these months, and the nonstick performs more like a nonstick iron skillet. I haven’t even observed any signs of wear and tear.

  • Heather

The pan is perfect for cooking anything inside it, and I am also using it in the oven. I have used it to fry eggs on top of the stove and some pork chops in the oven. It was very easy for me to clean everything off, and I am overall satisfied with this large pan.

  • Karen

I was a huge fan of cast iron, but this pan has completely altered my choice. It performs exactly the same way as claimed in the description. It cooks evenly, cleans food conveniently and works in the best possible way. I am more than happy after this purchase and would love to recommend this pan to anyone who’s tired of expensive but not so good pans.

  • Amy

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ninja Foodi NeverStick Pan safe to use?

All cookware by Ninja Foodi are totally safe to use with all utensil materials, including metals.

Is Ninja Foodi cookware worth buying?

If you have money and space, it’s the best appliance to have in your kitchen. Its all functions work perfectly and way better than others. They are easy to use and truly nonstick in every sense.

Can I use my Ninja Pan in the oven?

All Ninja Foodi Neverstick cookware are oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. You can keep them in the oven at almost 400 degrees Fahrenheit with lids.


  • Nonstick
  • Oven safe up to 500 degrees
  • 4.5mm Aluminum Base
  • Induction compatible
  • Easy to hold with handles


  • The handle’s riveted area is difficult to clean.
  • It takes a long time to heat up due to the thick material.
Final Verdict

After using it during trials, we have loved the Ninja Neverstick pan for its worthwhile performance, even heat distribution and sturdy construction. It is a mid-priced nonstick pan with some exceptional nonstick abilities. Due to all these incredible features, it is among the top-rated nonstick pans.