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How To Use a Jiggle Top Pressure Cooker? Buyer’s Guide

How to use a jiggle top pressure cooker Pressure cookers are well known for creating tasty food and tender meat because of their one-of-a-kind cooking method. Pressure cookers are one of the most effective cooking devices. They can make your cooking expedition a lot less challenging.

We will help you to learn how to use a pressure cooker easily. You will also learn how to cook delicious food that takes hours to make and can be done seven times faster through a pressure cooker and how to use a jiggle top pressure cooker.

Jiggle top pressure cookers

If you have an old-style pressure cooker in which the valve is covered with a heavy metal object that jiggles and continuously hisses due to the pressure inside the pot-growing high, it is high enough to lift that weight and push the extra steam out through the vent, such type of pressure cooker is called “jiggle top” cooker.

A few benefits of using a jiggle top pressure cooker

Some of us who have used jiggle top pressure cookers know its particular advantages.

  • It allows us to precisely control the pressure inside the pot, which results in excellent meals.
  • You can use multiple weights as the jiggle top to adjust to control the pressure required while cooking.
  • Jiggle top pressure cookers are affordable and generally made well because they have fewer moving components. That’s why there is a lower risk of anything going wrong or broken.
  • For example, if something goes wrong with the jiggle top valve, you can easily replace them because they are reasonably cheap.

Learn how to use a jiggle top pressure cooker

You should read the instruction manual to learn how to use a jiggle top pressure cooker, what things you can do and what to avoid while using any jiggle top pressure cooker. This will help you safely use the jiggle top pressure cooker, especially when managing the pot’s pressure level.

It’s very important to check the pressure release valve to ensure it does not contain any debris. Whether you own a new model or an old one, you should rinse it out and check every component before use.

  • After you clean your cooker, it is ready to cook again. First, add the water to the pot. Many new models come with fill line marks to avoid overfilling the pot. You should pay close attention to those marks, but if you are using your pressure cooker for the water bath canning method, it’s important to have all of your supplies available such as canning jars and a bottom rack.
  • When you are cooking a one-pot meal, you can add all the ingredients and place the lid but pay close attention to securely locking the lid by following the design and looking for lid alignment marks.
  • Once you secure the lid, make sure that everything is aligned correctly, you can now adjust the heat settings according to the recipe. Even if you are water bath canning, after 1 to 2 minutes, you will see steady steam coming out from the valve.
  • Now you can apply the weight to the valve stem. After At least 5 to 10 minutes, the pressure will build up inside the pressure cooker. Now, you havethe proper pressure level for your food to cook properly.
  • After reaching the correct pressure level, the weighted object on the top will start to jiggle and make that hissing sound and starts to move back and forth.You can now turn down the pot’s heat. However, the heat should not be too low, but it should be high enough to keep the weighted object moving slowly at a steady pace.
  • If the weighted object is moving too quickly, it will use more steam, so keep it at a steady pace and set the timer according to the cooking process.
  • When the time is up, you can shut the heat off and allow it to depressurize and cool down slowly. Some people remove the weight to speed up the process, but this is very dangerous because it can cause burns and quickly change in pressure, which is not good if you are using the water bath canning method. The firstchange of pressure can damage the jar. That’s why you will have to show some patience with it.
  • When the pot has depressurized, you can now open the lid. If you’re using canning jars, now is the time to safely remove them and carefully wipe down eachof the jars.

How often should a pressure cooker jiggle

Jiggle top pressure cookers are just like any other pressure cookers, except it only jiggles when the pot is filled with pressure. This indicates you to turn your heat down. The weighted object should jiggle one to four times per minute. If it’s jiggling faster, then this indicates high pressure in the pot, and it’s time to turn down the heat.

Cleaning a jiggle top pressure cooker

To get the safest performance from your pressure cooker, you must clean your pressure cooker. After every use, you can wash the container in the dishwasher, but the lid and the rubber gasket should be washed by hand.

Food particles make clog into valves, and if you wash your pressure cooker in a dishwasher, it can block the steam from coming out when the pot is filled with pressure, and this can affect its ability to release pressure.

Final Thoughts

To summarize this article, we can say that learning how to use jiggle top pressure cookers is very important. You may think it’s very easy after reading this, but if you don’t follow the instruction given above, it can cause serious damage. When you are using the water bath canning method, it’s very important to depressurize the pot before removing the weight completely. Otherwise, you can burn yourself with the large gust of steam that is released from removing the weight early.

Always read the included user manual for your appliances before using it.