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How To Use A Gas Stove? Step-by-Step Detailed Guide

How To Use A Gas StoveA gas stove is an essential part of the kitchen, but still, some people don’t know how to use a gas stove? Well, it can be unsettling to use a gas stove, mostly when it’s your first time. But as time passes, technology has also become advanced. Most recent models of the gas stove have an electric igniter that can make the process much easier, and this electric igniter can also be used without electricity.

A gas stove which does not have an electric igniter can also be ignited through a matchstick. People around the world mostly choose a gas stove instead of an electric stove because you can control the temperature, heat and power intensity better than an electric stove. Furthermore, a gas stove can heat your cookware more than an electric stove, and it disperses less heat in the kitchen, which results in faster cooling of the stove than the electric one.

Learn How To Use A Gas Stove using a separate ignitor

Many gas stoves come with a separate ignitor to ignite the stove. You can use one hand to push it inside and the other hand to turn the knob of the burner. A spark will ignite the gas stove, which is caused by electric power, and this spark will make a ticking sound which you can hear during this process. This ticking sound indicates the spark.Learn How To Use A Gas Stove using a separate igniter

Turning the stove knob in the right direction will open the gas lines, and when you use the ignitor, its spark will colloid with the gas, and the flame will start to pop up.

By turning the stove knob more, the more gas line will be opened. You can manage the flame height through these stove knobs. If you want more heat, just simply turn to the higher flame and when you are done, just turn the knob back to starting position to shut the gas off. After turning the stove off, the flames will vanish straight away.

Built-in Ignitors

Modern models of the gas stoves come with a built-in flamer, so when you turn the knob, you will hear a ticking sound which indicates the flamer is firing. When flames start to appear ticking sound stops. Now you can stop turning the knob because the igniter has done its job.

When the gas stove is lit, the flame will be high, but you can achieve a lower flame by turning the knob in the opposite direction. This may seem faulty to you because you are using it for the first time, but you will get used to it after a few times

Lighting a Stove with a matchstick

People often think about what happens if the electricity goes out. Don’t worry. You can still cook your dinner using a gas stove even if your flamer uses electricity. You can use a match or a lighter instead of a built-in stove ignitor for safety precautions. Ignite a matchstick before turning the gas on as this can accidentally leave the gas on for a long time which can create a cloud of gas that can burst into fire when you light your match.Lighting a Stove with a matchstick

Try to keep your hand out of the way when using a long match or a lighter, and put that match near the gas burner. After that, turn the knob of your stove, which allows the gas to come up to the burner. You will see a blue flame will pop up straight away. Now you can throw your matchstick or turn the lighter off. After this, just turn the knob to control the flame of your stove.

When you are done cooking and want to turn the gas flame off, the procedure is the same as usual. Just return the knob to the starting, which results in the close of all gas valves to the burner.

Benefits of using a gas stove

The main advantage of a gas stove is that you can use it even if you don’t have any electricity in your house, which benefits people who are living in areas where electricity is not available 24/7.Benefits of using a gas stove

Gas stoves are very easy to clean as compared to electric stoves, and this is the second big advantage of using them. They use a direct heating system and can cool down in no time.

Few tips for using a gas stove

  • Always turn off the gas when you go away.
  • Don’t leave the cooking food unattended. 
  • Make sure to turn the handles of the pot away from the edge of a gas stove. 
  • Never leave your kids alone in the kitchen when the stove is on. 
  • Once you are done cooking, clean the stove-top to make it free from grease and fat build-up. 
  • To avoid burns, wear sleeves that are full and tight while cooking. 
  • Put a blanket or fire extinguisher in your kitchen. 
  • Hang the tea towels and clothes away from the store. 
  • Check the gas leaks and ensure that the flame does not spread out. 
  • The smoke alarm in the kitchen must be working.

Final words

Now you know how to use a gas stove safely, and now you can start making your favorite meal without any fear but remember, gas stoves are more effective and can cook faster than electric stoves. Hopefully, this information will help you while use a gas stove safely and properly.