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How To Protect Wood Table From Heat Marks? By Simple Things

how-to-protect-wood-table-from-heat-marksToday we will learn how to protect the wood table from heat marks; not only is it important to take care of your house and kitchen, and importantly do not forget to take care of our dining table.

Where most memorable moments happen is because the good quality table is not cheap, it also depends on what type of wood is used and how it’s made.

We tend to put anything hot on their surface without any worry, which can leave permanent marks resulting in damage and worn out table with time and you can avoid that by simple preventive measures.

What Cause Heat Marks?

When you cook something and directly put that utensil or any hot object on your table surface for a longer period, it causes discoloration and damages it, leaving prominent stains on that specific area, which is harder to remove by just wiping or scrubbing it. It will affect table look and aesthetics, so it is better to take precautions that are not hard to follow.

How To Protect Wood Table From Heat Marks?

Here are some common tips to avoid white stains on your tables; you can try one or a combination on different occasions.

Use A Good Quality Tablecloth

To add a classier look to your table, you can cover it with a bright and beautiful table cloth or anything that complements its surrounding as you get the tone of option, but remember to select one that is quite durable and heat resistant.

Like PVC, which can withstand temperatures between 100-250, they are quite easy to clean as nothing sticks to it or leaves a stain during dining if something spills.

Placing A Glass Top On Top Of It

Another good option is to place a custom cut glass top, especially for each table surface. It prevents any scratches or moisture from seeping from utensils absorbed inside.

It also makes it worse over time, and how to forget that you can also clean it with ease make sure to use some anti-slip mats because glass is slippery a little bit. It also adds a modern and sleek touch to your table.

Coasters On Table

Suppose you love to collect and buy different variety of kitchen things. In that case, a coaster is also a good option as it is put directly on your dining table or anywhere so you can place any hot beverage like tea or coffee on it as it will act as a barrier also look good on top of it.

The most prevalent substance used to produce coasters allows them to capture any condensed steam that may drip from the mug onto the tabletop, thus preventing any heat marks. This is the best method to keep your table from getting too hot.

Heat Resistant Mats

Now you can commonly find a mat in a variety of colors and look which will go with most of your house interior. You can place any hot pan on these high-quality mats as they can withstand the heat almost up to 120 Celsius, but you can also use both sides normally.

These mats allow ventilation between the mat and hot utensil surface, preventing any melt and keeping the mat surface cool so your product will last for a longer period.


If you don’t want to completely kill that aesthetic wooden look and not into other options than trivets which are wooden objects just like coasters but much bigger so you can put plates or any other hot things on them now

You can use the trivet instead of resting the hot serving plate on the surface of your tabletop while serving your meals.


Some food is directly served from their dish as soon as they are prepared, which means you have to place them asap like mac cheese, crockpot dishes, hot pot so you cannot put them on a mat or certain thing because their pot temperature might be too high and hot can melt your mat surface easily.

To avoid that, you can easily purchase stands to put dishes directly on them as it comes in different sizes. Also, as they are a little higher from the table surface, it allows air to easily flow between them, allowing food to cool down much faster and prevent too much heating of the stand, thus withstanding high temperature with ease.

Why You Must Take Care Of Your Dining Table

As we all know, we spend most of our family time eating together during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, so it is not wrong to say that they are valuable moments where most conversation happens.

Most people love to give extra attention when buying or customizing their table, especially when you opt to go with the wooden table compared to glass or other options.

Because wooden dining tables add a more vintage and beautiful look to your house, they are not cheap compared to other materials as you get tons of options in wood like timber, oak, pine, cherry, sandalwood, agar, and many more.

Each has its distinctive price value and needs proper care like polish, moisture, and scratch prevention. Most importantly, prolonged heat exposure causes them to lose their appearance and durability. That’s why it is best to take some preventive measures whenever you buy one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you keep rings from forming on wooden tables?

Applying a waterproof finish to a wood table is one of the greatest ways to prevent water rings. Lacquer and varnish, for example. Lacquer is frequently pre-applied on industrially sold woodwork. Lacquer is exceptionally stain-resistant, even to water rings.

How can I keep my kitchen table protected?

Most commonly, use a place-mat to safeguard your tabletop rather than placing warm or cold platters or dishes straight on it.

What is the finest hardwood for tables?

Dining tables made of oak are perhaps the best. On the other hand, hard maple is a fantastic alternative to oak, particularly when dealing with formal dining tables.

Is it true that a clear coat protects wood?

The clear finish gives your wood a protective layer that protects it from staining, moisture even natural wear & tear.