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How To Open Tuna Can Without Can Opener? Easy DIY Hacks

How To Open Tuna Can Without Can OpenerHey, as you know, the cool weather is here, we need more proteins to keep our body temperature normal. Many people like Tuna fish; normally, you can et tuna fish in cans. The taste of canned Tuna is just like the fresh one.

Let take a look at Tuna, and a tuna is a saltwater fish that belongs to the Thunnini tribe. Thunnini tribe is from the family of Scombridae. Leave about Tuna; in this piece of article, I will discuss Easy hacks about how to open a Tuna can without an opener.

Sometimes, we haven’t found the can opener in our house or while we are camping or forgot to take it with us. In this situation, you need a new can opener, but what if you are too hungry or out of town and can’t buy a new can opener.

To tackle this situation, I am writing this article. For getting a better solution to this solution, keep on reading till the end.

Best Hacks To Open Tuna Can Without Can Opener

We all are human, and humans can make many mistakes. In this situation, you don’t need to panic. To avoid these situations, I suggest if you are going outside for camping, etc., then make a checklist of items, after making checklist pack all the stuff according to that particular checklist.

However, if we don’t have a can opener, I will sort out your problem. I have some amazing hacks to open up a can without can open. Let’s check them out:

Use a metal spoon:

A metal spoon is all you need to open a can. You almost certainly have a metal spoon in your kitchen, even if you don’t have a can opener. It’s impossible to mess up with this simple hack.

The spoon’s metal thins out and cuts through the metal of the can lid with a little friction, which may seem absurd. This method requires the use of a metal spoon; Plastic spoons are not enough.

Place the container on a durable table or countertop and attach it to its place. Hold the spoon over the container at an angle of 90 degrees, with the bowl pointing down with the other hand.

Place the tip of the spoon on the inside lid of the box, with the inside of the spoon bowl facing inwards.

Place the spoon in the lipstick of the box, where the lid meets the tip.

Work back and forth on a small area, rub the tip of the spoon on the rim of the box until the metal becomes thinner and the spoon is rubbed through the lid.

Repeat this process until you have rubbed the spoon through the metal all around the edge of the puppy. The lid should be tightened as soon as you make circles throughout the container. Replenish the lid upwards with the spoon you dug under the lid.

Avoid touching the tip of the lid with your finger, as it will be quite pointed. To protect your hand, wrap it with a towel and discard the lid.

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Use a pocket knife:

Any medium-sized knife is sufficient, whether it is the blade of a Swiss Army knife, a kitchen knife, or a survival knife. Follow these steps to open a can with a knife:

Place the standing box on a flat, stable, flat surface.

Take an inverted handle on the knife. Hold an upright position with the knife and place the blade’s tip on the inner edge of the pipe cover.

With her free hand, “hit” the knife button with the palm down, firmly but carefully. If you don’t think you can hit the knife hard enough, crush it with a block or stone and be careful not to hit your hand or damage the knife.

With your free hand, “hit” the knife button with the palm of your hand down, firmly but carefully. If you think that you cannot hit the knife with enough force, break it with a brick or a stone and be careful not to injure your knife or hand.

Place the knife at the tip of the hole that has just been made and repeat steps 3 and 4 until the entire edge of the lid is pierced.

Carefully remove the now loose lid from the container. The serrated edges of the puppy are sharp enough, so do not do this with your fingers. You can use a tiny knife to cut the lid if you want.

Large knife:

This technique is a little harder (and riskier) to master. Place the container on the side, with the point of the bar on the outer surface. Gently tap the end of the handle on the container until it pierces it. After that, work around the rim of the box.

Chef knife:

A knife with a blade that extends under the handle is required for this to work. It would help if you drove this edge to the top of the outer crown of the box to open it in this way. Then, similar to a typical container opener, work the blade around the edge.

Use rock:

Look for a flat rock or concrete slab. Look for one that has a surface texture. A smooth pebble does not create enough friction to pierce the lid of the box. By turning the container upside down, you can break the seal on the top of the container.

To create friction between the pebble and the container:

Use a scratching motion. Continue until you notice moisture in the rock or on the lid of the box and check the container regularly by turning it over.

As soon as you see moisture, you should stop.

 This indicates that the lid is thin enough to pierce. Do not rub so hard that you run through the lid of the box at the end. Your food will be scattered around the rock.


I think now you get the answer to the question, “How to open a Tuna can without a can opener?”

Always remember nothing is impossible, and if you are willing to do something, you can easily complete it with your mind hacks. In this article, I have listed some mind-blowing hacks for you to open up the can. Now you can easily open the Tuna can and enjoy your fresh Tuna fish.