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How To Defrost Ground Turkey? Step-By-Step Guidance For Defrosting

how-to-defrost-ground-turkeyYou have a variety of options to defrost the ground turkey. How to defrost ground turkey. You will need to apply any method according to your need and convenience.

People like to find ways that do not take much time and are accessible. Some ways have both factors, but it depends on the temperature.

You can also take help from the appliances such as microwaves. You will need to keep in mind that you must protect the ground turkey from bacteria. 

Methods for how to defrost ground turkey:

There are some requirements for the defrosting of ground turkey. These requirements include the zip-lock bag, air-tight box, and baking paper to avoid water leakage.

Although the ground turkey has a lot of water, there are chances of leakage. The paper will protect the turkey from leakage when defrosting.

Important note for defrosting:

You will need to put the turkey out of the fridge at least two hours before defrosting. The maximum time for defrosting is 2-3 days. 

If you put the turkey longer this time, there are chances of getting the bacteria in the turkey. However, the pounds of meat you defrost will also decide how long to take out the turkey.

The more the pounds you are using, the more time it will take to defrost. The longer before you put out the turkey, the more it will defrost in depth.

You can check the turkey’s temperature from the inside through the thermometer. The temperature of the turkey will have to be 160 degrees F.

In this way, the turkey will perfectly defrost, and there are no chances of water leakage.

Defrosting through the microwave:

Defrosting through the microwave

The defrosting of turkey through the microwave is relatively easy. The most suitable temperature to defrost the turkey is 390 degrees F. the temperature above it may cook it, and it’s not good. 

  • You will take a baking tray and spread the parchment paper or any other paper that protects the turkey from water leakage. The paper will absorb the water or any other juices present in the turkey. 
  • Next, you will set the temperature of the microwave to the required temperature. 
  • Try not to put the turkey for more than 2 minutes in the microwave, or it will start cooking.
  • In some microwaves, you have an option for defrosting. If you have, then well on good, go for it. You can search this website to get a microwave that works fast and has defrost options. 

This technique is the most straightforward and convenient procedure to defrost the turkey. However, there are some points you will need to keep in mind.

The defrosting of the turkey in the microwave can lead to the smell of the turkey as it has water and juices in it. The other thing is that if you are defrosting it naturally, it might not defrost thoroughly.

You can not refreeze the turkey again once you use the microwave for defrosting. Although you take safety precautions entirely for defrosting, there is no harm in using the microwave.

How does the refrigerator help in defrosting ground turkey?

You can also rely on the fridge for defrosting. However, it will take more time, 1-2 days for defrosting. You will need to place the turkey in the lowest part of the fridge where the cooling is not that much.

You will need to follow some precautions to defrost the ground turkey thoroughly. These precautions include cleaning that part of the fridge and do not put anything besides the turkey.

These precautions will save the turkey from getting the bacteria. However, if the turkey gets bacteria, there are chances of getting food poisoning.

You will also have to cover the turkey with a Zip-lock bag to prevent water leakage. This method will also save the turkey if it has some stuffed material.

You can refreeze the turkey again if you have defrosted it through the fridge.

Do we need to remove the packaging of the turkey for defrosting?

Not really; removing the packaging of turkey can make the turkey leak the water. This process will increase the chances of bacteria infecting the turkey.

You can defrost the turkey faster when you have not removed the packaging. If you have to refreeze the turkey, you can do that in its packet.

Using a water tub for defrosting:

You can also put the turkey in a cold water tub. Just be careful if the turkey is packed in the Zip-lock bag. You can add ice cubes and change the water after some intervals.

This process will take time, but it will not let the bacteria infect your turkey. The zip-lock bag will not let the water get inside your ground turkey.

You can use a thermometer to check the temperature of your turkey. The temperature can also help to know if it is defrosted or not.

You can put the turkey at room temperature for a more extended period, so you cannot put it the room temperature.


Putting the ground turkey in the open air:

The natural way to defrost the frozen product is to keep them in the open air. You can put the ground turkey in the open air for some hours.

This technique will defrost within a few hours, and you can take the turkey inside. Try not to keep the ground turkey in the open air for a long time. The air has some contaminants that will affect the turkey.

You will have to cover the turkey with a zip-lock bag, or you can warp it for protection. The temperature outside must be around 40 degrees F.

At this temperature, it will quickly defrost without any hustle. This method is the oldest technique for defrosting and is most suitable for hotter regions.

You can not refreeze once you use that technique for defrosting.


What is the most suitable temperature for defrosting the turkey in the microwave?

You can set your microwave temperature at 390- 400 degrees F for almost 2 minutes. You can also use the defrost option if your microwave has that option.

Do we only need a zip-lock bag for defrosting?

The zip-lock protects the turkey entirely and avoids leakage. However, you can also use wrapping paper or parchment paper for defrosting. The paper needs to absorb the liquid from the turkey.

Which method is most suitable for defrosting?

Although there are many ways to defrost the ground turkey, the most suitable methods depend on your convenience and how much time you have.

Do we need to wait after putting the frozen turkey out of the fridge?

We don’t need to wait after putting out the frozen ground turkey. It is most suitable to defrost right after putting the frozen turkey out.

Final words 

In the end, we can conclude the methods for defrosting the ground turkey. How to defrost ground turkey? Now you can quickly answer this with detailed reasons.

You can use the appliance for defrosting or use natural methods. Use the method after reading the guidance for defrosting. You will need to check the temperature of the microwave for defrosting.

The more you set the temperature high, it will start cooking. You will have to protect your round turkey from getting the bacteria and water. You can use a zip-lock to avoid leakage.