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How To Build An Outdoor Pizza Oven Step By Step? – Ultimate Guidance

how-to-build-an-outdoor-pizza-oven-step-by-step.The wood-fire oven was the oldest technique to bake the pizza. How to build an outdoor pizza oven step by step? The outdoor range has a mechanism like the wood-fire oven.

In this oven, you will not require any electric appliance. However, the electric machine has made our lives far much more accessible.

The outdoor by the name we can guess it’s built inside the house but outside where there is a vacant space. The wood-fire oven spreads a lot of smoke and smells of coal, so it’s better to use an over sized garage for baking.

If you have tried this and don’t know how to erase the smoke smell from home, you can search this for more details. The outdoor oven is significant and needs correct measurements to be built. 

Suppose you are away from or want to experience the pizza of an outdoor oven; it’s best to try the wood fire. There is a different structure for every outdoor range.

People usually try this oven when they are camping or do not have access to electricity.

Tips for how to build an outdoor pizza oven step-by-step:

Tips for how to build an outdoor pizza oven step-by-step

You will need to get some products to be able to make the outdoor range. The outdoor oven needs a little more attention as it can bring fire.

This outdoor is a kind of tough oven and takes a lot of time to build. There are two types of outdoor ovens: wood-fired ovens and brick ovens.

Both ovens are pretty similar in functioning but different in shapes and structures. The wood-fired has depth in the circular shape, and fire is under the ground.

The main things to keep in mind while building the outdoor ovens are:

  • You can select a vacant space on the ground or maybe in the park nearby your house.
  • Take a saw and make a circular hole in the environment in-depth(15 by 15 inches).
  • Try to make a smooth wall inside the hole with cement. 
  • After some time, take bricks and build a circular shape covering all the holes just like a cave.
  • While covering the hole’s walls, keep in mind that they don’t fill the gap. Just keep one brick and a strong wall. 
  • Take a handsome amount of wood, coal, fuel, or other essential oils to burn the woods. 
  • You can place an electric fan to generate some smoke while baking. Although the paper fan can be helpful. 
  • While baking, you will need to cover the outdoor oven to have a larger lid. 
  • All this equipment is necessary to build an outdoor range. 

How to place a pizza in the outdoor oven?

The hole has a deep length under the ground, so you can use a stick or long dish to avoid burning your hand. You can place the pizza without any cover and put it in the outdoor oven.

Preheating the outdoor oven:

Do we need to preheat this outdoor oven? Like electronic appliances, we will need to preheat the outdoor ranges. You can burn the fire inside the woods that are in the hole. 

Turn on the electronic fans and generate smoke that will create an atmosphere for baking. The baking requires a lot of heat and fire if you are doing it outside. 

After turning the fire in the woods, shut the outdoor oven with a lid for 30 minutes for preheating. You can put the pizza inside the range with precautions when you have done the preheating process.

Time and temperature for the outdoor oven:

There is also time and temperature for the outdoor range like the electronic ovens. The outdoor oven might be hot but takes more time than the electronic ovens. 

The maximum time that the outdoor ovens take is 1 hour. However, there is no screen, just like the electronic oven, so you will need to open the lid after a few minutes to avoid burning.

You can bake the best beta-lain pizza with outdoor ovens. However, you can also bake other sorts of pizza with excellent crust. This outdoor oven is the most ancient method for baking pizza.

Burning of crust:

There are more chances of burning the crust when baking with the outdoor ovens as they don’t have screens or timers. You will need to check and give great attention while baking.

However, there are fewer chances of uncooked toppings or crust with outdoor ovens. The outdoor range has this specialty of having extreme heat, and it will thoroughly bake the pizza.

You can have a soft and thick crust, fully baked with the outdoor ovens.

Layers of toppings:

You can add unlimited layers of toppings to the pizza while baking it with outdoor ovens. The outdoor ranges have space, unlike the electronic ovens.

You can have the layers of toppings as much as you want. More toppings will not affect the baking process.

The electronic ovens will not have this much space, so they will not bake thoroughly.


What is the best time for baking in the outdoor oven?

The best time for baking is 1 hour maximum as it will take some more time than the usual electronic ovens. It does not have a timer, so you need to focus after a few minutes.

Can we use the outdoor oven the next time?

Yes, you can; you will need to add the fuel and coal for the next time in the outdoor oven. Although you can use a spreadsheet on the wood-fired cave, any weather does not affect the outdoor range.

How long to preheat the outdoor oven?

Preheating is a great thing to do while baking. You can preheat for 30 minutes while covering the outdoor oven with a lid.

Are there chances of burning pizza with the outdoor oven?

There are a lot of chances of burning pizza with an outdoor oven. You can check electronic ranges with their screens, but in the outdoor field, you cant. You need to open the lids after a few minutes and give a lot of attention.

Final Thoughts

The post will help you know how to build an outdoor pizza oven step by step? People who often travel and do not have access to electricity can use this outdoor oven.

This oven is a complete package for campaigning purposes. You can build this outdoor oven with wood, fuel, coal, and cement.

Although you will need to add more things afterwards, it is a pretty complex procedure. The outdoor oven has more chances of getting burned if you are not giving more attention.

However, you can use this oven for a great experience. This oven type is the oldest method for pizza baking.