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How Much to Renovate Kitchen? – Explore the Cost

If you think about it, the kitchen is the busiest space in any home. Let’s face it; we all love to eat! Chopping, mixing, cooking, scrubbing are few of the activities that may take away it’s aura sooner than you think. If you are looking to give your old, shabby kitchen a new look, the first point that comes to mind is the cost involved.

Worry not; we’re here to give you a complete breakdown of how much to renovate kitchen. As a rough estimate to provide you with an idea, each square feet will cost you somewhere between $70 to $300. The exact number depends on the quality of the material you choose and the size of your kitchen, of course.

Remodeling costs comparison by size

Do you have a big kitchen or a small one? The budget will, of course, vary accordingly. Read on to compare how the size of your kitchen can affect the remodeling costs.

Small kitchen < 100 square feet
Medium kitchen 100 square feet to 200 square feet
Large kitchen > 200 square feet

Small kitchen remodeling costs

For clarity in our discussion, we will consider a small kitchen like the one which is at most 100 square feet in area. How much to remodel a kitchen that’s small in size?

It can cost you somewhere around $4500 to $17000 to remodel a small kitchen, depending on how simple or how extravagant you want it to be.

For a small kitchen, much of your expenses will go into articles that will maximize storage: cabinets, shelves, and roll-out trays.

Small kitchen remodeling costs

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In short, all of the things that will allow you to include maximum appliances and tools in the space without crowding it too much.

Here are some ideas on how to save money and make space look bigger:

  • Get smaller and entry-level appliances instead of heavy-duty ones. They’re cheaper, compact, and will work well for a small family.
  • If the kitchen is next to the dining room, you can remove a wall and connect it to the dining room. It will make your workspace look more prominent and give you more space to work and to breathe!
  • The new cabinets that you are going to have installed should be narrower and include pull-out trays and baskets so that you make full use of the space provided without leaving the back of the cabinets unused.
  • Vinyl and laminate flooring is the cheapest. Skip tiles and go for these options if you wish to cut down a bit on the expenses.

Medium kitchen remodeling costs

If your kitchen is somewhere between 100 and 200 square feet, you can expect it to cost anywhere between $14000 to $35000, depending again on the exact size of your kitchen and also the quality you want.

Here are some tips for renovating a medium-sized kitchen:

  • If your budget allows, it’s best to higher a kitchen builder or a designer to do the job, especially if you want to see a luxurious kitchen with all the bells and whistles. However, don’t leave your budget unattended, keep a close watch to see everything is going smoothly and that your money is being well used.
  • For a medium-sized kitchen, it’s best to go for durable flooring options such as tiles or hardwood.
  • When you have space, include efficient appliances like a dishwasher and oven to increase the capabilities of your kitchen. The above estimate includes the cost of such tools as well, don’t worry.

Large kitchen remodeling costs

How much to renovate kitchen that’s large? By large, we mean if it covers an area above 200 square feet. We’re talking big money here, be prepared!

The cost of renovating a large kitchen can run anywhere between $25000 to $70000 or even higher for extravagant remodeling of commercial kitchens. Now, what does this sum include?

This estimate includes everything, from stone bench-tops to double oven and built-in kitchen appliances.

Here are some ideas for your upscale kitchen remodeling:

  • If you wish to go premium, you can even include fully automated appliances here that are connected via WiFi to your smartphone so that you may give them orders remotely.
  • You can have a kitchen corner dedicated to drinking and call it your bar.
  • Either go for hardwood flooring or high-quality tiles here since you’re investing a significant amount, and you want it to last.
  • As with medium-sized kitchen, it’s best to hire a designer or specialist for the job but keep a close watch on your budget.

Components involved in remodeling and their costs

There are many components involved when remodeling a kitchen that will take money, but the ones mentioned below make for the most prominent expenses. Check them out to see where you can save and where you want to be a little thrifty.


These come in a variety of options, vinyl being the cheapest and wood being the most expensive. It’s best not to choose wood for the kitchen, however, not just because of the cost but also because moisture can affect its quality.

  • Vinyl flooring will cost you around $0.5 to $2 per square feet.
  • Laminate flooring ranges around $0.5 to $3 per square feet.
  • Ceramic can cost you between $0.5 to $2 per square feet.
  • Maple costs between $4 to $8 per square feet.


Kitchen cabinets are also a must when speaking of renovation. It can cost anywhere around $1500 to $7000 to fix these. You can either install fresh ones altogether or refurbish the old ones if you’re looking to save some money.


Now this will vary a lot from person to person, kitchen to kitchen. Even if you have the budget, you may not have the space to install a lot of new appliances in a small kitchen.

Anyhow, here are some of the most popular appliances you might be thinking about including in your kitchen:

Oven $300 to $2000
Dishwasher $500 to $1500
Refrigerator $300 to $2000
Stove $700 to $6000


You cannot do the entire kitchen remodeling on your own. Even if you don’t hire a designer to oversee the whole thing, you will have to employ several people along the way.

  • Carpenter, who will prepare the cabinets any other woodwork for you will cost you somewhere around $40 per hour.
  • You’ll need to call a plumber to connect the sink, dishwasher, and any other equipment having to do with water connection. They can cost around $70 an hour.
  • If you redo the paint as well, you’ll need to call a painter at around $40 an hour.
  • Someone who’ll do the flooring for you can charge you around $50 an hour.


By now you’ll have some idea on how much to renovate kitchen. You will also have realized that all the figures are a broad estimate. It’s just to give you a rough idea of what budget to allocate when thinking about giving your kitchen a brand new look. The actual costs will vary with your requirements and your taste.