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Homemade Pizza With Store Bought Dough: Buyer’s Guide

homemade-pizza-with-store-bought-doughPizza is one of the favorite meals that every person attracts. People make it at home with the most uncomplicated strategy. How to make homemade pizza with store brought dough?

The dough is the most essential and crucial part of baking a pizza. The dough gives the taste of crust, and it provides the shape to your pizza. 

There is a proper baking of the dough and some essential instructions to give a good crust. People want to ease their workload, so they go to the store brought pizza dough. 

The store brought pizza is excellent when you take the dough from a good company. Although you still have to follow the instructions to get a crust from the store brought dough.

Role of water in homemade pizza with store brought dough:

Whenever you go to the superstore and see there is plenty of options for the dough. It would help if you kept in mind to read the dough’s water quantity. 

The water in the dough gives the softness and rises appropriately. This water quantity is also essential for the thick crust and will not burn when you bake it. 

It is the same scenario when you put the water in a while making dough at your own home. You can not add water to the dough that is from the store. This water will destroy the dough. 

What are the other factors to baking dough from the store?

What are the other factors to baking dough from the store?

The other factors include the proper guidance to bake it in the tray. When you finally get dough from the store, you can put it in the fridge for a while. 

Keeping the dough in the fridge can give it a proper shape for baking. The sugar in the dough is also not good for the crust.

Most bread companies put sugar in their dough for the sweet taste, but it is not healthy. This sugar will affect your high rate of calories. The dough is plain and greasy. 

If the dough is already hard at the start of baking, it gives a hard crust. People do not want their pizza with a complex and burned crust, so they avoid store dough.

 Although there is nothing wrong with getting dough from the store but you will need to follow instructions with great concentration. 

Role of oil in the dough

Once you get your dough from the store, you will need to put oil in your and the dough (if required). This greasiness will help in attaining an even crust.

 The oil in your dough also avoids getting it burnt when you cook. The oil also manages the water in your dough and gives a thick crust. People who like to eat pizza with a thick crust can go with technique. 

What is the best time for baking the store brought dough?

The baking time and temperature are also different when using the dough from a store. You will need to bake it at a low temperature for almost 6-7 minutes maximum. 

The dough is already half-baked from the store, so you must bake it full time. The low temperature is almost 360 degrees F. This temperature is ideal for baking store dough. 

It will overcook and burn the crust if you put it for long. This overcooking of your pizza with this dough can give a sour taste. 

Try a flexible appliance in the degrees that will not burn your pizza. There are now new appliances in the market that will bake your pizza at the lowest temperature without burning it.

How to get the perfect brown color for the crust?

The dough from the store nearly gives a dark brown color that indicates the burning of the crust. The light brown color is the most suitable for the crust. 

Although you can get this color if you put your pizza at low temperature for a meagre time, this procedure will take quite a long time, but it will give you the most iconic crust with toppings melted on it. 

What is the guidance for baking a pizza at home?

Pizza baking at home with store dough is not a complex thing. You will need to follow these instructions according to the number; you can find the perfect crust pizza:

  • Get the dough and unwrap it.
  • Now, carefully spread the dough sheet on a baking plate.
  • You will need to spread it evenly, so take a rolling tool to spread it evenly in the corners.
  • Now put all the toppings and cheese that you would like to have. The homemade pizza does not need the as it is ingredients like the market pizza.
  •  You can put any ingredients according to your taste. There is no hard and fast rule for the toppings for pizza. 
  • Now, bake it at the concentrated temperature for 6 minutes. 
  • Try looking at the oven all the time. So, there will be fewer chances of the burning of your crust. 
  • Now put out your and get your baked homemade pizza.


What is the best temperature for baking the store dough pizza?

To get the best pizza, try putting it at 360 degrees F and low temperature in the oven.

Can we cook the store dough in the microwave?

Yes, as it does not require too much time and temperature for the baking. So, you can bake it in the microwave. 

Can we water the dough? 

No, it will ruin your dough. However, you can see the water concentration while purchasing it from the store.

How to oil the dough before putting it in the tray?

The best way to oil your dough is to put oil in your hands and then on the tray. This technique will not ruin your dough and does not stick to the tray.

Final words 

The post will guide and make you buy the dough from the store instead make it at home. It is pretty concealed to buy the dough and put it in the oven for 6 minutes.

 Although you will still need to take precautions while baking it, the dough needs to have water in it. If it doesn’t have the water, it will get hard and quickly burn in the oven.

When putting the dough sheet on the tray, try to use oil in your hands. This oiling will not let your pizza stick to the tray and will evenly spread.

This post will help to know all the details relevant to making homemade pizza with store bought dough.