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Galanz Microwave Air Fryer Review

Galanz Microwave Air Fryer ReviewHere’s why the Galanz Microwave Air Fryer is a kitchen must. In this Galanz Microwave Air Fryer Review, we have added all the features, pros, and cons for your ease. 

It has the functions of an air fryer, convection oven, and microwave into a single 1. 6-cu.-ft. Oven. The air fry kit creates healthier crunchy-fried favorites with little or no oil by increasing air circulation.  

True Convection technology also allows you to cook your food faster and more evenly. You can select any pre-programmed sensor options, and humidity sensors will inform you when your food is hot and ready.  

Detailed Galanz Microwave Air Fryer Review  

Galanz Microwave Air Fryer


Galanz has shown its smart engineering once again by providing users with this 3-in-1 gadget that the user can use to replace any air fryer, convection oven, or microwave

We’ve gone over every feature of this product so you can conclude. So let’s begin! Extremely adaptable  

As previously stated, this versatile equipment will serve as an air fryer, convection oven, and microwave. It’s the ultimate 3-in-1, thanks to combi-speed cooking.  

Air Frying Technology  

Cook everything from chicken to prawns to wings to French fries! This machine will make your food healthier with no oil.  

Compared to traditional air fryers on the market, the easy-clean air fry kit provides a larger frying surface area and improved air circulation. Finally, this air frying capability uses built-in heating devices instead of microwaves. 

Speed-Combi Cooking  

The innovative mix of True Convection and microwave cooking provides delectable dishes with optimal taste and texture faster than either mode alone. Users can bake potatoes, roast chicken, or defrost frozen dinners at any time.  

This microwave has two heating sources, one on top and one in the back, that provide a complete 360-degree cooking experience. Unlike ordinary microwave heating systems, the Galanz microwave produces even, continuous heat to keep the temperature constant during the cooking process.  

True Convection  

As the food spins 360 degrees, heated air flows throughout the machine, cooking the food faster and more evenly without hot spots. You can also broil and bake meals with direct heat, such as fish, chicken, and baked goods.  

Cook and Reheat Automatically 

This machine has six cooking methods and eight reheating options for easy-to-use and convenient cooking.  

Control panels with strategic placement and rapid touch buttons  

This machine has pre-designed control panels with handy buttons for things like changing the time. With just one tap, you can add 30.  

Customer Reviews  

Understand the product’s specifications. To begin, a dedicated electrical circuit is required. This indicates it needs its own 20 amp outlet and breaker. The gadget consumes 15 amps of power. So take precautions and avoid overloading a shared electrical circuit. Second, it needs at LEAST 8 inches of clean space above it to prevent it from overheating. You must leave at least 20 inches between your countertops and higher cabinets.  

Sammy K
<b>Sammy K </b>

I’ve been purchasing micro convection ovens for a long time and would never use a regular microwave again. This one outperforms all inconveniences (heating, baking, and frying). It works perfectly, and I can have my pizza crust as crunchy as I like! Strongly suggested!  


We bought this Galanz microwave air fryer this week, and everything is working fine, including the air fryer, which is wonderful. Corndogs for kids crisp up beautifully in 10 minutes. After around 6 to 7 minutes, the eggrolls will crisp up (cooked the night before).  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

According to the manual, you can use the baking/roasting pan in Combi mode. Because it appears to be made of metal, won’t it induce arcing? 

If placed on the glass tray, the Baking/Roasting pan is specially built and tested for usage in the combi mode and should not arc.  

I always have to “flip” whatever I’m cooking halfway through in my current bucket-style air fryer. Is that still necessary in this situation?  

The Galanz 360 Air Fry technology in this oven uses airflow to prevent the need to rotate the food. If you overfill the basket, you may need to turn the food halfway through; otherwise, it should not be necessary.  

What causes a burning stench and smoke when baking? 

We recommend operating the Galanz SpeedWave at maximum temperature for 10 minutes with nothing inside the oven to burn off any remaining oils from the manufacturing process that may cause smoke and a burning stench. The oven should no longer emit smoke or oil odors after the initial burn-in period.  

What are the differences between the convection and air-fry settings on this unit?  

The temperature and fan profiles for the Galanz SpeedWave’s convection and air fry capabilities are different. Convection uses a constant fan speed, whereas air frying uses a variable fan speed for the best results.  

Is it possible to pop popcorn in this oven?  

The Galanz 1.6 cu ft. is the answer. SpeedWave is a microwave, convection oven, and air fryer all rolled into one. As a result, it can pop popcorn according to the package’s recommendations. 


  • Combi-speed cooking  
  • Versatility  
  • Auto-cook and Auto- reheat 
  • Intuitive control panel  


  • Space consuming  
Final Verdict

After reading this Galanz Microwave Air Fryer Review, we hope you conclude whether it is worth your investment or not.  

The Galanz microwave air fryer is modern equipment that is well worth your money if you want ease and peace of mind. It’s suitable for teen use (parental permission required) and requires little to no effort from the user.  

Choose any pre-set cooking directions to air-fry fries, reheat dinners, and defrost last-minute meals in minutes.