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Farberware Microwave Review: Detailed Analysis and User Feedbacks

Farberware-Microwave-ReviewAmong small kitchen appliances, a microwave is also an important one that cannot be overlooked. It assists you in swiftly assembling your meals, and with useful features, it can also aid you in avoiding doing a lot of cooking that you might otherwise not like.

The Farberware microwave is among the best microwave ovens due to some of its amazing features. This microwave helps cook food quickly, clean up the mess, and even make cooking fun.

It has ten power levels and a Memory function to remember and recall chosen cooking settings. The easy-to-use digital interface with 1 to 6 minutes express cook buttons, time & weight-based defrost control, and six pre-programmed cooking functions for pizza, popcorn, and a dinner plate help in doing many other great things.

Farberware Microwave Oven Review

Farberware stainless steel microwave has been designed to be safe, convenient to operate, and easy to store. Its compact and sleek design includes some modern features that make this microwave the favorite among consumers who value quality and excellent performance.

Apart from some smart sensor cooking features, there are a couple of perks on this Farberware microwave that you probably won’t find in other ovens of the same quality or even high price ranges.

If you want to introduce a new, modern style microwave into your kitchen, then the Farberware microwave is the ideal option for you. This article will help you get all the necessary details by providing all the features, specifications and reviews to let you make the right decision in selecting this microwave.


Item Weight: 25.1 Pounds

Dimension: 19 × 16 × 10.5 inches

Power: 900 Watt, ten power levels

Exterior Finish: Stainless steel

Capacity: 0.9 cu.ft.

Warranty: 1 Year

Cleaning: One wipe

Extra Features: 6-one touch cooking programs, defrost, LED display and child safety.




Safe & Convenient to Use

The Farberware microwave is equipped with a patented safety technology called ‘Auto Shut off.’ This technology allows the microwave to turn off automatically once the food reaches the desired set temperature.

With the help of this feature, sudden accidental burns can be avoided while cooking. The auto shut off feature also reduces the risk of overheating and food burning.

You can start your Farberware microwave to cook your desired meal by adjusting temperature settings by just single touch. You can set the timer to cook food, reheat leftovers or defrost frozen foods. The auto shut off will also save electricity and power consumption.

Built-in Storage

There is a built-in storage compartment in each Farberware microwave where you can store hot dishes safely. Its removable lid also works as a serving tray.

The interior parts are dishwasher safe and protect the glass door from corrosion and breakage. The interior has enough area to easily accommodate dinner plates, take-out containers and other large food items.

With just one touch preset, you can get pizza, popcorn, frozen vegetable, beverage and potato, or whatever you want in the ideal condition to fulfil your appetite.

Premium Quality Manufacturing 

High-grade materials have been used to construct Farberware microwaves, including stainless steel, tempered glass and aluminium. The sturdy construction ensures the reliability of years to serve in the best possible way.

It boasts a contemporary design which blends perfectly into any kitchen decor. If you love modern kitchens, the Farberware microwave will perfectly suit your choice. The 0.9 cubic feet microwave can easily fit in any place in your kitchen without sacrificing the functioning capacity.

Versatile Cooking Options

Several cooking options are available that allow you to select between convection, steam, conventional, sautee, bake, and broil modes. There is a different method involved in each cooking mode that depends on the type of food being prepared.

The powerful 900 wattages and ten power levels make it a great oven for efficient cooking, heating and defrosting.

Customer Reviews for Farberware Microwave

I have tried many microwaves in my life, from the cheap dorm room stuff to the most expensive ones. To be very honest, this one is remarkable and the best fit for my newly designed kitchen. I bought this due to its sleek design and maximum power to nuke efficiently. I haven’t found any flaw in it yet.

  • Jerry

I have been using this 900 watts microwave for almost four years and have no complaints about its functioning. The moisture condensation goes on conveniently as compared to the previous model. The size of this microwave is perfect for my space and it is not heavy to move around. Luckily it doesn’t burn up my popcorn bags as most high power microwaves used to do.

  • Ryan

The Farberware microwave is surprisingly amazing. The price is fantastic, and all functions are easy to perform. The built-in clock and timer system works perfectly. I am in awe of the good price and streamlined design with many capabilities. Cooking food has become easier now as it takes less time to heat up to the desired temperature.

  • Roldan

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 900W good wattage for a microwave?

900 watts is the best wattage for microwaves because it has the ability to balance capacity and cooks faster than 700 watts, and is almost close to 1 kilowatt in rapidness.

Is Farberware a reliable brand?

Farberware is excellently reliable and one of the best brands in the category of microwaves. They have reasonable price for unique products that ensures something for everyone. If you buy it for the first time, you will be astonished by its balanced value, quality and functionality.


  • +30 seconds control button
  • Defrost by time and weight
  • Ten power levels
  • LED display with timer and clock
  • Child safety functionality


  • The microwave doesn’t open by a button, but it has a pull door.
Final words 

Farberware brand has been around 100 years, and without any doubt, this time is more than enough to predict the product’s reliability by the manufacturer.

If you want to have an exceptional cooking experience within an affordable price range and up to the mark features, the Farberware microwave is ideal.

We hope this review will prove a helpful guide to making the right decision.