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Capresso Milk Frother Reviews: Editor’s Choice in 2023

Capresso Milk Frother ReviewsEvery morning, there is nothing better than a delicious cup of hot cocoa or hot coffee. Frothy milk is essential to the taste and art of coffee, even with a high-end espresso machine or drip coffee maker. Electric milk frothers made this job a breeze.

The best milk frothers allow us to easily recreate the velvety smooth, creamy texture that we would normally only find in a high-end coffee shop. Every frother has different features, so make sure to choose the one that is best for you.

Consider our best upgrade pick, the Capresso milk frother, if you’re completely dedicated to foam on the coffee.

About Capresso brand

Capresso, founded in 1994 to bring top-of-the-line European coffee makers to the American market, offers incredible adaptability and accuracy for the home barista! Whether you want a Capresso coffee maker or a high-quality percolator, the brand has you covered. This Swiss company manufactures coffee machines, grinders, milk frothers, and other essentials to get us started on our home coffee venture.

Capresso Milk Frother Reviews

Capresso Milk Frother



  • Brand: Capresso
  • Product Name: Froth Control Automatic Milk Frother
  • Material: BPA-Free
  • Product Weight: 2 pounds
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Number of Temperature Settings: 4
  • Frothing Capacity: 10 ounces
  • Warming Capacity: 14 ounces
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 Year

The Capresso froth Control is the main programmed milk frother with an extraordinary hot cocoa function that can accommodate chocolate chips and lumps to make frothy hot cocoa, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This Capresso froth expert milk frother produces pretty professional results after a one-contact process. The frother features a dark scratch-resistant non-leave milk pitcher with a stay-cool handle and a dark base accented with stainless steel.

It’s ideal for using non-dairy products (including almond and soy milk), and it’s also fantastic for making hot cocoa. When you add the chocolate, it takes another 3 minutes to liquefy and completely combine. As of now, the engine will accelerate faster to completely incorporate all of the chocolate.

It accompanies two frothing plates and one warming circle, the two of which are safely put away in the base. By using different circles with various settings, the user can choose and move the milk surface for hot cocoa, cappuccinos, level whites, lattes, and that’s just the beginning. The Froth professional has a frothing capacity of 8 oz and a milk warming capacity of 12 oz.

The Capresso is an especially good value for a model that can both froth and heat. This milk frother is an excellent addition to any espresso machine or coffee maker!

This amazing machine comes with many features that make it unique from other frothers. The followings are a few standout features:

Exquisite design

The clever design incorporates double auto shut-off for security and a stockpiling compartment at the base to hold the unit’s two frothing circles and one warming plate. you might be interested in a more attractive milk frother by Breville.

Multi-temperature settings

There are three temperature options to choose from: cool, warm, and hot. Using the cold setting, you can make cold froth.

BPA-free Milk pitcher

The plastic milk pitcher and see-through top are BPA-free, and the pitcher’s cool-touch handle effectively removes the froth base.

Simple to clean

The fact that the Capresso froth pro milk frother is so simple to clean is a huge plus: this is why many people prefer this type of device over a handheld one in the first place.

Appropriate for social gatherings

A barista can easily create a variety of drinks that suit any social gathering with the two included frothing discs and a variety of additions and flavorings.

Simple to use

A safe automatic shut-off is provided when the temperature of the beverage is reached on this model. When you remove the pouring cup from the base, it will also turn off.

Customer review about Capresso milk frother

I can’t begin my day without my natively constructed latte, so when my Nespresso frother broke, I attempted this one. It can froth a bigger volume of milk, which is ideally suited for me. It takes more time, about two times the length of the Nespresso, however, that is no biggie for me. Albeit the main metal I at any point used in the pitcher was a minuscule spoon to delicately scoop out excess froth, and I never used an unpleasant wipe to clean it, I saw within the pitcher immediately had small stamps in it and that the non-stick covering was showing miniature chipping. When nonstick covering separates like this, you should quit using the thing, so I surmise I will check whether I can track down a replacement pitcher.

Jos Allen
<b>Jos Allen</b>

I use this frother 2-3 times each day. simple to clean and does the best occupation of frothing. In any case, in any event, changing the frothing plates when they wear out, I go through one of every 9 a year. Not certain on the off chance that the container breaks down or the base however needs to continue to replace them. Still better compared to the across-the-board frothers I’ve used. Have sent everyone back because they either froth nearly nothing, to an extreme and additionally are hard to perfect as the electrical association is in the base so should be kept dry. With this one and base are separate so tidying up is a breeze.



  • Creates foamy clouds
  • Can froth up to 1 cup
  • Storage for discs
  • Large capacity
  • Silent operation mode
  • BPA-free pitcher


  • High cost


What is the minimum amount of milk on this one?

We’ve had the frother for more than 18 months and 2-3 oz. will get the job done, and the machine will close down naturally. It is important to watch out for overflowing milk after reheating it.

What material is the pitcher made of?

The metal froth pro pitcher has a scratch-resistant nonstick finish for easy cleaning.

Our verdict 

The Capresso Froth pro is jam-packed with features, making it an excellent value for money. If you believe that latte art isn’t useless, and delicious caffeinated beverages require creamy foam, then you should consider purchasing a Capresso milk frother. Your morning cup of coffee will taste better with a Capresso milk frother.