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Can Saran Wrap Go In The Oven? Safety Tips to Consider

Can Saran Wrap Go In The Oven

Saran wrap is not oven-safe as per the manufacturer’s recommendation. Do not put Saran wrap in the oven, whether you have a conventional oven, stovetop, browning unit, or toaster oven. Want to know why? 

In an oven at certain temperatures, the chemicals in Saran wrap leach into the food, making it highly toxic. You can keep the temperature within limits to avoid such risks, but crossing the limit will cause Saran wrap to melt. Though it is not considered good to use plastic wrap in the oven, you can use some tricks to get the required results without trouble.

In this guide, we have shared some tips and tricks for safely using Saran wrap in the oven.

Can You Use Saran Wrap In The Oven?

Though using Saran wrap is a common practice in restaurants if it is covered in foil for safe use. Manufacturers always warn against the harmful impacts of using them in the oven. So, considering the safety concerns, you should never use Saran wrap in the oven.

Before moving further, do you really want to know what Saran Wrap is & how it is useful?

“Saran” word is a trading name owned by Johnson & Sons that depicts a special type of polyethylene wrap. These wraps are made of LLDP (Linear Low-Density Polyethylene), having maximum tensile strength to make them resistant to puncture. 

Can You Use Saran Wrap In The Oven

These are highly useful for storing food in the freezer and can also go in the microwave to reheat food. The foil aids in blocking air to prevent moisture from evaporating by heat. Saran wrap is also a great cover to protect the food by acting as a seal. It keeps the food fresh and moist for longer.

Does Saran Wrap Melt In The Oven?

Whatever plastic wrap you have will melt in the oven if it is not covered in aluminum foil. Compared to other plastic wraps, Saran wrap is thinner and can’t stand high oven temperatures. Ultimately, it melts in the oven, leaching inside your food, making it dangerous to eat.

Even the hot food getting in touch with Saran wrap will melt it. Therefore, you must safely use the wraps to avoid them touching the food. 

At What Temperature Saran Wrap Melts?

Usually, the Saran wraps melt at 220 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the normal oven temperature; on average, it can exceed 300 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it will be safe if the temperature stays less than 300 degrees, but Saran wrap will melt if the food requires more temperature.

How to Use Saran Wrap Safely In Oven?

How to Use Saran Wrap Safely In Oven

The oven temperature not only leads to releasing toxic chemicals into food by heating the wrap but also melts it. But still, many people use them in cooking.

Use Good Quality Plastic Wraps

  • They usually suggest safe ways of using Saran wraps in the oven by wrapping them inside a foil and keeping the heat low.
  • When you use plastic wrap, make sure it has good manufacturing quality.
  • Compared to normal plastic wrap, Saran wrap or other good quality wrap doesn’t release toxins at the same level. Also, Saran wraps are BPA-free.

Keep Wrap Distant From Food

  • When wrapping food in these wraps, ensure they do not touch the food due to the risk of melting.

Double Layer It With Foil

  • Add a double layer of wraps using aluminum foil. The double layering helps prevent the wrap from crossing the limited temperature range. 
  • The foil also acts as a protective barrier against radiation and hot air of the convection.
  • Another benefit of aluminum foil is its ability not to retain or absorb enough heat, which keeps the Saran wrap safe from melting.

Maintain Temperature Below Melting

  • The melting temperature of Saran wrap is 220 degrees or above, but with a double layer of foil, the wrap will never reach a temperature above 212 degrees.

Maintain Temperature Below Melting

What Hazards Can You Expect From Saran Wrap In The Oven?

Environmental Health News has elaborated on the toxic effects of using plastic wraps in the oven. These effects deteriorate health if you are exposed to them for longer.

  • Before reaching the melting point, wrap releases those toxic chemicals into food, making it unsafe to eat.
  • These toxins also interfere with the hormonal system of the human body.
  • The blame doesn’t go on the manufacturer as some non-intentionally substances are already present. 
  • Some side products also form when Saran wrap is heated and leave negative impacts on health.

Considering these hazardous effects, avoiding using Saran or other plastic wraps in the oven is better. However, if you still want to use them, cover them in aluminum foil and keep the temperature low.

What Are Alternatives to Saran Wrap Safe to Use In Oven?

Many alternatives, such as oven bags, can be used instead of Saran wrap. They are beneficial for several reasons.

  • Use an oven bag to wrap the food because it is safe to go in the oven and is specifically designed for cooking.
  • The oven bags are heat resistant, made from nylon bags and grease-proof paper to keep moisture inside food for enhanced tenderness.
  • These bags are flexible and useful for the same purpose as Saran wraps.
  • They are durable and strong. You can buy them from any grocery store at cheaper rates to put your vegetables, meat, and sauces. 
  • Simply put your food in a bag and prepare it on the pan or other cookware.

Though oven bags can only be used once, they are still better than Saran wraps. They do not cause any toxicity and offer ease in cooking favorite meals.

Can You Cook With Plastic Wrap In The Oven?

Can You Cook With Plastic Wrap In The Oven

Most plastic wraps are made of materials that contain phthalates (toxic chemicals) that get into your food when heated in the oven. If toxic chemicals are not present, polyethylene or polyvinylidene chloride will release into food which is a comparably safe option. Therefore, most manufacturers and experts do not recommend using plastic wraps in the oven. They suggest using other safe items that can reduce the risk of hazards.

Is Saran Wrap Microwave Safe?

According to USDA, Saran wrap is safe to go in the microwave as long you see the label microwave-safe. Also, keep the wrap a little distant to prevent it from touching the food. Keep the plastic wrap above the food’s surface and ensure they are not touching. For this purpose, you can use a deeper or shallow bowl instead of a plate.


Can Saran wrap go in the oven? Yes, but follow all the necessary guidelines to ensure your food is safe from chemicals. If you hear anyone suggesting Saran wrap in the oven, remember that they are considering the precautionary measure at first to avoid any toxicity.

You should prefer oven bags over plastic wraps or use aluminum foil along with Saran wrap to keep its melting point below the limited range. We hope this guide will help you make stress-free and risk-free meals for a healthy cooking experience.

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