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Best Placemats For Wood Table: 7 Types Of Placemats


In this article, we will talk about some best placemats for wood tables to give you an idea of which one might suit you best and why you should invest in such products.

Most people buy placemats as they go with the kitchen interior or surrounding space. Still, when buying one, everyone should look into certain factors like heat resistance, washable, size, and do not allow moisture seeping from pan and utensil to get absorbed in your wooden table.

Because these factors collectively damage your dining table, buy one that complements both styles and has other additional features.

Top 7 Best Placemats For Wood Table

We will give you a short overview of different placemats having different use and functionality and why people love them so much.

UArtlines Placemats Ideal For Big Plates



This PVC tightly knitted rectangular mat is big enough to fit your dinner plate and glass easily as they can withstand heat up to 150 Fahrenheit and is also stain-proof. Just wash them if something spills on them, and let’s not forget they are available in different patterns and colors, ensuring everyone has a variety of options.

But remember, don’t put a bowl or pot directly from the stove into it, and because they have a weave pattern, water can penetrate it, they don’t provide the best anti-slip features, but overall it is a good product.

Munchkin Anti-Slip Placemat- Ideal For Small Kids And Toddlers



This silicone-based placemat is specifically made for kids and children who are learning to eat by themselves. The best thing about them is the bottom surface sticks to your table to prevent children from picking them up. They are BPA-free also, and they are easy to carry anywhere with you.

They are available in two bright colors, and these small compact size placemats allow nothing to spill or pass through them. The only issue is that as they are 100% silicones, things like food crumbs and other things stick to their surface, but you can get rid of them by simply washing them, so it’s worth your money.

SD SENDAY Placemat Ideal For Heat Protection



They are also made from PVC material with edge sealing technology, and you can choose from its different color patterns adding a luxurious touch to your dining table. Its size allows you to place full-size plates in it easily. They can also withstand around 212 Fahrenheit with no worry, which is quite phenomenal.

If staining occurs accidentally in this placemat, you can remove them by simply washing them. Its color will not fade. The only problem is that it has a weaving pattern from which a little bit of water might transfer to the surface beneath it, but its percentage is very low, so that’s not very concerning.

Latitude Run Vinyl Placemat Ideal For Water Protection



If you want an all-rounder, this vinyl placemat is also a good option to have it wide enough and provide heat protection. The material prevents water from leaking through it, lacking in many other placemats. These lightweight and durable mats prevent many things at the same time.

Not only that, but it’s also stain-resistant, and if anything falls in it, wash them. And they are good as new and when no one is using them, just lay them flat or roll them. You get only two color options to select between them, but both go with many interior and design.

GENNISSY Placemats Both Waterproof & Heat Resistant




Suppose you want to add a modern touch to your table. In that case, these marble pattern thin placemats are perfect companions for your dining table, adding both styles and preventing scratching caused by aggressively moving plates during dining. Also, they are waterproof and let’s not forget they can easily withstand 248 Fahrenheit of heat like a pro.

Also, these rectangular round cut edges are wide enough for your plate, glass or even cutlery all at once, + stains don’t adhere to them. It has only one issue: they are not very good at providing a solid grip.

Chilewich Bamboo Placemat Ideal For Eco-Friendly Individuals

Chilewich Bamboo Placemat Ideal For Eco-Friendly Individuals


These oval-shaped placemats are made from bamboo, and if you want a different shape, buy one set as you desire as they can withstand moderate heat. If you don’t wash them, use soap or wipe them with a wet cloth.

One thing also good about them is that they are not very small in size, and if you put a cold glass of water on them, some water might pass between their matted design, but overall, you will get a good quality product that will last just the way you want to expect.

DACHUI Placemats Provide Good Grip On Any Surface



These long rectangular PVC & polyester placemats are also another addition to your collection. They provide ample heat protection and prevent any scratch formation on the table surface. It is made from a combination of soft materials, and you can choose from the different color patterns.

You can utilize them daily without any issue, and it gives a good grip so nothing will slip from them, and they will not move from their place. One thing one considers is that it is not completely waterproof, but it has a good shelf life and is easy to maintain.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

What kind of placemats is appropriate for a wooden table?

If you have a varnished wooden table, placemats with good insulation are a good choice. Silicones or felt are remarkably efficient insulators, but based on each mat’s woven fabric & width, numerous different fabrics can perform quite well.

What is the ideal placemat stuff?

Fabrics such as linen or cotton are excellent choices; you can easily wash them and withstand a lot of heat.

Which is better to use, round or square placemats?