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7 Best Kitchen Shoes for Professional Chefs and Kitchen Staff

Best Kitchen ShoesOne might expect the kitchen to be heaven for food lovers, but it is also dangerous if you are working there the whole day. As a professional chef, you must have the best kitchen shoes.

Many things can harm you in the kitchen, from the fire to sharp objects such as knives. Thus, it would be best if you keep your protective equipment on, such as the apron and the shoes.

Kitchen shoes are anti-slip, which means they are not prone to slipping. If you go into a professional kitchen with your regular shoes, you are bound to trip or fall over as there are so many liquids everywhere.

Secondly, these shoes protect your feet from hot liquids such as soup or gravy. If an accident occurs and a knife falls on the floor, it will not hurt your feet.

There is so much going on in a restaurant’s kitchen that it is sometimes hard to keep track of everything if you are an outsider. As the chef there, you must ensure everything is in place.

You would have to run around and be on your feet the whole day. This is exhausting for the feet, so they need all the support they can get.

Closed-toe kitchen shoes are available in the market that reduces the damage caused to your feet due to excessive impact.

In this guide, you will learn about some of the best kitchen shoes for everyday wear at work.

7 Best Kitchen Shoes for Professional Chefs

 7 Best Kitchen Shoes for Professional Chefs Comparison 
Editor’s PickSkechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Shoe: Editor’s Choice
  • These shoes have memory foam

  • Sip-on design

  • Inner lining

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist Vent Work Clog: Best Overall
  • 0.25-inch platform

  • Made of Croslite

  • Accommodate all users

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist II Clog: Budget Buy
  • Slip-resistant design

  • Spacious toe bo

  • Comfortable for long days

Our Top PickKEEN Utility Men’s PTC Oxford Work Shoe
  • Moisture-wicking lining

  • Memory foam

  • Designed for chefs

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Slip Resistant Work Shoe
  • Moisture-absorbing footbed lining

  • Certified slip-resistant design

  • Long hours of wear.

Tspacious toe box region
  • Design fit for chefs

  • Shock-absorption technology

  • Spacious toe box region

MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Slip-Ons

  • Stain-resistant

  • Water-resistant

  • Treaded rubber pattern


Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Shoe: Editor’s Choice


Skechers is a well-known company, having made over 3000 designs of shoes for men and women. These kitchen shoes from them are very easy to wear and are pretty functional. They are made of fabric mesh panels and have a durable contact surface.

Since they are stain-resistant and water-resistant, you can work with them in the kitchen without worrying about the shoes getting dirty. The layered mesh provides breathability for long, hot days in the kitchen.

Since you will spend a lot of time in the shoes, you need them to absorb the sweat. The inner lining does this while the padded collars hug your feet, providing extra support.

These shoes have a relaxed fit, so your feet do not feel caged. On top of that, the FlexSole absorbs the impact and shock from continued motion. The 1.25-inch heel keeps you out of any spills on the floor.

What makes these shoes the best chef on our list is that they are extremely easy to put on. If you are in a rush, you will be grateful for the slip-on style of these shoes.

Additionally, elastic side gores allow you to slip your feet inside the shoes easily. These shoes are available in a size range of 5.5 to 15.


These shoes have memory foam, which supports your foot shape, an inner lining for absorbing moisture, and a slip-on design for easy wear.


Some wearers reported that the memory foam tends to flatten out in a few months.

Our Verdict

We think these are the best kitchen shoes for chefs needing to be on their feet for long shifts. Not only do they absorb moisture and give you support, but they are also very easy to wear.

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist Vent Work Clog: Best Overall


When it comes to comfortable shoes, you do not have to look anywhere else when the good old Crocs are around. Crocs scream comfort, so they are ideal for wearing in the kitchen.

These crocs shoes are made up of Croslite foam, which provides support and keeps you comfortable. The shoes are made of plastic, making them very easy to clean. Use washing detergent and soap to make your shoes look as good as new.

Also, the enclosed-toe design makes the show safer for the kitchen space, where you must keep your feet protected from fallen crockery or knives.

You can tell that these shoes have been made for working individuals as the material is thicker towards the toes. This ensures that hot spills or sharp objects do not harm the vulnerable regions of the feet.

The best part about these shoes is that the toe box has a lot of room for easy movement. You would not feel tight in the shoes even if you have bigger feet. Also, these shoes have a 0.25-inch platform, which provides support and makes the shoe slip-resistant.

The strap at the back also gives additional support and keeps your foot from coming out of its place while you work. Even men with bigger feet would have enough room in these Crocs.

You can buy the shoes in a size range of 3 to 12 in UK sizes. They are available in five widths, starting from extra narrow and ending at extra wide.


These shoes have a 0.25-inch platform to keep you safe from spills, are made of Croslite, are roomy in the toe area, and are available in different widths to accommodate all users.


The shoes do not have an arch.

Our Verdict

We believe these are one of the best shoes for kitchen workers as they have been made by keeping the kitchen staff and healthcare providers in mind. These shoes have all the features you would expect to see in a pair of shoes that are fit for everyday wear in the kitchen.

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist II Clog: Budget Buy


Just like the other Crocs shoes, these are also made for comfort and functionality. They are made of 100% synthetic imported material and are built to last.

The synthetic sole makes them suitable for wearing daily. The platform measures 0.5 inches, which is great for someone who has to work where hot spills are expected.

The platform has two benefits: it keeps your feet protected from spills and reduces the shock produced by the feet’ continuous motion.

These shoes have a thicker construction around the toe region, so your toes can stay safe. Your feet will not be affected even if an unfortunate event occurs in the kitchen.

These will be the best chef shoes in this price range, as the company has specifically advertised them with chefs and nurses in mind.


This pair of shoes has a slip-resistant design, thicker construction around the metatarsals for added toe protection, and a spacious toe box to keep you comfortable for long days at work.


It does not have the moisture-wicking liner that the pricier Crocs have for absorbing moisture. Since they are cheaper, they do not have the vents present in the Crocs mentioned above.

Our Verdict

We would say that these Crocs are the best non-slip shoes for chefs in this price range. If you are looking for a shoe that will make your job easier without breaking the bank, this should be your pick.

KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Oxford Work Shoe


You can expect the best from KEEN as the company is keen on ensuring its designs are amazing in every aspect. Experts design these work shoes from them for people who work in kitchens and hospitals.

These shoes are low-profile, giving you comfort the whole day. Since they are water-resistant, they are not damaged by the kitchen’s water. Also, this feature makes it very easy to clean your shoes with water if they get dirty.

The plush footbed ensures you do not have to face the shock of your steps during the day. No matter how slick or wet the surface in the kitchen is, the non-slip sole will keep you from slipping.

On top of that, the KEEN Grip Technology is present in these shoes, which ensures that the outsoles grip the floors and the wearer does not slip.

Most companies only claim their shoes are slip-resistant, but KEEN shoes have passed the ASTM standards for non-slippage.

Additionally, the memory foam makes the shoes suitable for any feet, shape, and size. It adjusts according to the contours of your feet so you can have a personalized feel to your shoes.

On the inner side, there is a moisture-wicking lining. This absorbs the sweat when you have to work longer shifts during the holiday season or a busy weekend night. In addition to that, it keeps your feet cool by providing them with breathability.

Made of 100% leather, these shoes can be worn as your streetwear shoe, too, since they make quite a fashion statement. They are available in five widths, i.e., extra narrow, narrow, medium, wide, and extra-wide. Therefore, there is something for every foot size and shape.


These shoes have been designed for chefs and have a moisture-wicking lining on the inside and memory foam for adjusting to the contours of the feet.


Some wearers reported that the shoes were not as comfortable as the other shoes from the company.

Our Verdict

KEEN is a popular name in the shoe industry, and its designs are always praiseworthy. We believe that these shoes are quite suited for chefs who work longer shifts. The memory foam provides the support and comfort that your feet need during such extensive working hours.

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Slip Resistant Work Shoe



If you have ever owned a pair of Birkenstocks, you would know their comfort level cannot be matched. These shoes are made for chefs who are in danger of damaging their feet due to excessive movement and other factors.

The Professional Birkenstock shoes have a polyurethane footbed shaped anatomically to cushion your feet in all the right ways. No matter how weirdly-shaped or sized your feet are, the Birkenstocks will fit them perfectly.

Here is the best part about these shoes: they are safe to be washed in the dishwasher. Just take the insole out, and you are good to go.

The footbed lining has been constructed to absorb sweat, which is inevitable during long shifts. Furthermore, the non-slip sole is certified, so you can trust the company’s claim. Additionally, the sole also keeps you safe from slippage due to oil or grease.

One of the noticeable things about these shoes is that they have a big heels. This is in place to provide pronation and supination balance to your feet. Also, the toe is extended in the front to protect you from spills and sharps.

There is enough room in the shoes to allow your feet movement. Due to this, your feet do not feel restricted, and there is ample blood circulation in the region.


These shoes have a moisture-absorbing footbed lining, can be washed in water, have a certified slip-resistant design, and are suited for long hours of wear.


They are a little expensive, considering that they are made of plastic.

Our Verdict

We realize that not everyone would like to pay so much money for a pair of shoes that have been made of polyurethane plastic. However, if you look at the other features of the shoes, such as the spacious top space, a comfortable footbed, and easy washing, they might justify the price point.

Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe


The Merrel Slip-On shoes can be your regular companions in the kitchen since they are made to provide ultimate functionality and comfort to chefs. These shoes are made of full-grain leather.

When you pay a lower price for your shoes, you end up with cheap faux materials or plastic uppers. These do not last long and do not provide the same level of protection.

On the contrary, these shoes have a good-quality upper and soft inner fabric. The EVA insole is removable. This makes the shoes easy to clean. You can take the insole out and clean the shoe.

Moreover, it has a slip-on design, making the show very easy to wear. Once you are in the kitchen, you can put the shoes on in seconds and get to work. Similarly, taking them off is also a breeze.

Even if you have to stand on your feet for 12 hours straight, you would not feel much impact, thanks to the EVA midsole in these shoes. The padded collar keeps the feet comfortable and absorbs shock.

In addition, these shoes have Encore 2 Sticky Rubber soles, making them non-slip. You can avoid many accidents with the traction provided by these shoes.

It can be uncomfortable to work if there is not enough space in the toe box, and you feel like your feet are caged. These shoes have a big toe box so that your toes have enough room to wriggle.

Also, the shoes come with the company’s Air Cushion Technology for providing stability and absorbing shock.


These shoes are designed for chefs, have shock-absorption technology, have a spacious toe box region, and are comfortable to walk in for up to 12 hours.


The upper leather tends to crease after use of a few months, and the shoe size runs larger. 

Our Verdict

We think these shoes are good for chefs as they have a non-slip, comfortable, roomy, and breathable design. Make sure you go down by half a size when buying these shoes so they are not big on your feet.

MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Slip-Ons


MOZO is known for making slip-resistant shoes. If you have seen a horrible slipping accident at work, it is about that that you start looking for a good option for yourself.

These shoes from MOZO have outsoles made of a rubber compound arranged in a tread pattern. This keeps the liquids away, thus preventing slipping.

Not only are these shoes waterproof, but they are also very comfortable to wear. Whether you have to stand in one place for a long time or walk around the whole day, these shoes will keep you comfy.

The upper of these shoes is made of synthetic material, while the sides are made of polyurethane. Being 100% vegan, these shoes are perfect for chefs who do not want to go for leather builds.

To keep the shoes breathable, there are side vents. Moreover, the elastic goring makes it very easy to slip on the shoes.

You can remove the insoles if you want, but they provide cushioning to the feet, so keeping them in for longer shifts is better.

Another important thing to note about the shoes is that they are stain-resistant. This makes it easier to clean. Also, if some liquid falls on them, it dries away quickly and does not seep into the shoes, making your feet uncomfortable.

You can buy these shoes in a regular or wide fit.


These shoes are stain-resistant and water-resistant, have insoles for providing cushioning to the feet, and have a treaded rubber pattern of the outsole for slip resistance.


Even though the rest of the show is pretty great, the elastic goring is not very durable, as the elastic gets loose after some use.

Our Verdict

We are finishing our list with a pair of shoes you can trust. If you have concerns about slipping, you will find these shoes very helpful in the kitchen as they have been specially designed for comfort and anti-slipping.

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Trust us when we say this: you need a good pair of kitchen shoes for working in the kitchen. When you cook at home, you have a smaller kitchen to maintain, and you do not need to be on your toes for hours. So, you can manage with any show.

However, you have to be there for hours when you are in a restaurant kitchen. Such kitchens have a lot going on, so there is always a spill somewhere or grease sitting in some part of the floor, waiting for you to slip.

It is best to stay safe and have the best kitchen shoes for yourself and your kitchen staff. In this guide, we have mentioned the best seven kitchen shoes you can choose.

We hope that you found the best option for yourself in this guide or at least got an idea of what to look for in a perfect pair of kitchen shoes. Let us know your choice, or share your experience with your previous kitchen shoes.