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Best Kitchen Curtains 2023: Reviews & Top Picks

Best Kitchen Curtains 2023Are you planning some changes in your kitchen’s design? Kitchen curtains are small components that can entirely transform your kitchen decor. Manufacturers offer many styles and designs that can provide plenty of options. 

Kitchen window treatments can be made surprisingly simple by using the right kind of curtains. Considering the decoration trends in the rest of your home, you can easily narrow down your options that can relate to the cabinet color, kitchen design, and other appliances fitted into your space.

This detailed review will provide you with a list of some of the most attractive and aesthetically pleasing curtains, their different types, and how to choose the right one as per your kitchen style.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Curtains

Undoubtedly, curtains are an essential part of kitchen decorations. If you want your kitchen to look amazing, you should always consider them. The types of curtains you choose will depend on different factors. You must select suitable curtains that fit perfectly with the style of your kitchen.

For kitchens designed in modern styles, which are also combined with dining room, you can choose from different combinations of colors and materials.

We have rounded up five spectacular kitchen curtains to suit any taste. You can also learn how to pick the correct pattern, style, and material for your kitchen window by reading some of our tips.

RYB Home Half Window Kitchen Curtain Valances

Highlighted Features 

Weight: 1.7 Pounds

Dimensions: 36 × 52 × 0.4 inches

Specified Use: Home Decor

Scent: Unscented

Pieces Included: 2

Hanging Style: Grommet

RYB Home Half Window Kitchen Curtain Valances

RYB Home Half Window curtains decorate your kitchen from the inside and outside view. The 100% high-quality soft polyester provides luxury curtains at a highly affordable price.

There are two panels included, and each panel aids in adjustable and effortless installation with a dual rod pocket slot. This light in weight curtain is perfectly airy and prevents sun glares from entering the room. It filters them and turns them into soft light.

The design and pattern offer complete privacy protection. The proper flow of breeze can never be compromised while the UV radiation fades away in its path.

This easy-to-maintain and clean kitchen curtain are ideally cost-saving.

User Reviews 

Almost everyone is a fan of kitchen darkening window panels. This item is particularly suitable for those who love decorating their kitchens, living rooms, or any other place in the home. These curtains prove beneficial if you frequently travel in a camper because they have a short length compared to the typical curtain length. These curtains have the ability to reduce noises to keep your mental peace maintained even if there are heavy noises of construction going on outside your home. After using them in my kitchen, I have concluded that they are highly durable and perfectly made, and I love them for their extraordinary quality and color.

  • Kate

Things We Liked 

  • Durable
  • Highly affordable
  • Protects privacy
  • Reduce noises
  • Great design and quality

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Uneven Length

Top Finel White Kitchen Sheer Curtains 

Highlighted Features

Weight: 4.2 Ounces

Dimensions: 30 × 24 × 0.01 inches

Specified Use: Home Decor

Scent: Unscented

Pieces Included: 2

Fabric Type: 100% Polyester

Hanging Style: Grommet/Rod pocket

Top Finel White Kitchen Sheer Curtains 

These curtains are made from Faux linen fabric that is better and crisper as compared to the normal voile. It is easy to hand them as panels allow to do so.

The sheer curtains can filter enough sunlight to give a warm feeling to the room without over brightening the whole area.

The embroidered diamond pattern on the curtains adds a classic touch to the kitchen windows. You would love the stitching on the panels, which is well finished.

A wide range of colors can also be found, from white, grey, teal, navy, burgundy, brown, and cream to black.

User Reviews 

I searched for hours for sheers that would complete my kitchen windows. After newly painting the kitchen and its surrounding area, I really wanted to add some texture, so I bought these curtains. These are perfectly made and match the drapes. The stitching on panels is top-notch and well done. The material seems like linen by appearance, but it is actually polyester. I’ll purchase them again in the future for other home areas. I’d highly recommend it.

  • Kyle

Things We Liked 

  • Well stitched
  • Great quality
  • Detailed embroidery
  • Affordable

Things We Didn’t Like

  • They do offer some privacy, but that is incomplete.

Hiasan 3 Piece Semi Sheer Black Kitchen Curtain

Highlighted Features 

Weight: 2.08 Ounces

Dimensions: 10.24 × 8.46 × 1.46 inches

Specified Use: Home Decor

Pieces Included: 2,3

Fabric Type: Polyester

Hanging Style: Rod pocket

Hiasan 3 Piece Semi Sheer Black Kitchen Curtain

Hiasan 3-piece checkered kitchen curtains are made from durable and premium quality polyester fabric. These small plaid curtains are perfect for decorations and are highly functional.

You can add a natural and modish look to your kitchen while keeping the maximum privacy effective with these curtains. They are easy to hand and maintain. You can wash them in a machine without damaging the original fabric.

These semi-sheer kitchen curtains can filter sunlight while keeping your furniture and floor safe from the damaging UV rays coming from the sun.

User Reviews 

I am very pleased with these black and white check pattern kitchen curtains. I was so impressed by their quality that I ordered the same curtains for several rooms. For kitchen windows, I added these curtains and a black area rug. Though they are not cotton fabric, they are easily washable. It irons quickly and looks perfect.

  • Nancy

Things We Liked 

  • Ideal quality
  • Easily washable
  • It blends perfectly with the kitchen pattern
  • Best to add value for money

Things We Didn’t Lik

  • Uneven Lines

MRTREES Short Blackout Kitchen Curtains

Highlighted Features 

Weight: 14.1 Ounces

Dimensions: 34 × 24 × 0.01 inches

Specified Use: Home Decor

Design: Pole

Color: Variant

Pieces Included: 2

Fabric Type: Durable Triple weave 

MRTREES Short Blackout Kitchen Curtains

The solid color MRTREES short blackout kitchen curtains has sheer drapes with good texture that make them look classy and appealing. Their modern appearance adds style and elegance to the entire area.

You can iron them at low temperatures, and they are also easily washable. Its durable triple weave fabric without liner feels perfectly soft and heavy.

These curtains are highly effective in impeding almost 60 to 90 percent of light and UV rays coming directly through the sun due to triple weave technology. It is a perfect solution for anyone seeking to block daylight or keep the sun glare off the scene.

User Reviews 

These curtains are made of soft and beautiful material that provides full privacy protection and also blocks unwanted hot or cold air. I am delighted with the look of these kitchen curtains and do help a lot in keeping the cold air outside the kitchen.

  • Zoe

Things We Liked 

  • Cost-effective
  • Blackout light
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Easy cleaning
  • Amazing design and pattern

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Black out the sunlight but not completely.

JINCHAN Buffalo Plaid Kitchen Curtains for Windows

Highlighted Features 

Weight: 1.27 Pounds

Dimensions: 10.48 × 8.86 × 2.36 inches

Specified Use: Home Decor

Pattern: Plaid

Color: Grey

Top Style: Grommet (Bronze)

JINCHAN Buffalo Plaid Kitchen Curtains for Windows

If you want to dress up your kitchen window for the holiday season, JINCHAN read-made plaid kitchen curtains are the perfect solution. They add a touch of warmth with the help of yarn-dyed woven fabric in a checkered design.

It features a black and white grommet style with 1.4 inches grommet rings to coordinate with most rods of the most kitchen curtains. These window curtains are very easy to install and maintain.

They are made to last for a long duration as their panels are durable due to the sturdy polyester fabric and the top-notch sewing quality.

User Reviews 

These kitchen curtains are awesome. I have searched a lot for window tiers, and then I found them. I love them so much; I am going to order the same in different colors for different areas of my home. 

  • Ankita

Things We Liked 

  • Perfect for light blocking purpose
  • Easy to install
  • By light steaming or ironing, creases can get away
  • Amazing cafe curtain set for kitchen windows

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Light filtering but not room darkening.

Best Kitchen Curtains: Buyers Guide

Choosing kitchen curtains is not as trivial a task as you might consider. Although there is no complexity in this matter, it is significant to know some tips and tricks to help you choose the best one.

There are various types of kitchen curtains in different sizes, colors, shapes, and cuts. Sometimes you easily find curtains that match with other kitchen elements such as table cloths, drapes, and napkins. However, sometimes it can be challenging to find the most suitable.

Therefore, to assist you, we have mentioned all the essential components you must consider while choosing the best kitchen curtains.

Key Issues in Choosing Kitchen Curtains

When choosing the kitchen curtains, it is highly recommended to give attention to several crucial factors. Some of the essential aspects are:


The shape and style include short or long and single or double curtains.


Different colors, such as white kitchen curtains or colorful drapes, can be found.


Curtains can be used for decoration purposes or in the form of a barrier to protect privacy.

Things to Consider While Choosing Kitchen Curtains


A wide range of fabrics is used in the world to make curtains. You have to find out which fabric will suit your kitchen’s overall decoration. Also, to fulfill your needs, a particular type of fabric can help in different ways, such as:

  • Light and airy fabrics are useful in decorating and designing your kitchen up to the highest standard.
  • If you want to maintain privacy, blackout linings or heavy fabric will be ideal for your kitchen.
  • Easily washable curtains should be used near the sink as cooking smells can easily cling to them.
  • Self-extinguishing curtains should be hunged near the stove. So, if they somehow catch fire, the flame should extinguish itself. You can also help yourself by installing an awning.


For an already themed kitchen, you should choose some curtains that can integrate seamlessly with the overall colors of the place. You can also consider wall tiles, furniture, or counter design for the color of curtains.

If the tiles are of neutral color, you must keep the color of the curtains neutral. The options can range from beige to white or pastel colors.


When it comes to deciding the pattern of your kitchen curtains, it solely depends on your vision of what you like to give your kitchen. You can select among different patterns such as united, flowery, geometric shapes, and strips. The Flowery can further be categorized into embroidery and jacquard weaving, while stripes vary from equal to asymmetrical.


Markets are filled with a variety of kitchen curtains. You may get one from supermarkets, online stores, or specialty stores. Prices also vary for each type of curtain, whether custom-made or ready to be installed.

Usually, they cost 30 to 200 dollars, depending on the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which color do curtains look perfect in the kitchen?

A neutral grounding fabric or material looks fabulous for giving a clean, contemporary, or modern look to the kitchen. For a small-sized kitchen, light or cool colors are good as they make it look larger and brighter. For an oversize kitchen, dark and warm colors are more suitable.

What should be the length of the kitchen curtain?

The standard length for kitchen curtains is 63 and 84 inches. Some classic curtains reach about a half-inch from the floor, which is beneficial in swaying and moving them to provide maximum privacy and coverage.

Final Thoughts

With a wide range variety of window treatments, there are endless options for matching a perfect curtain to the character and style of your kitchen. Whether your kitchen is modern or farmhouse, spacious or compact, our list of best kitchen curtains is the ideal solution to meet your requirements.