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Air Fryer Won’t Turn On When Plugged In – How to Fix It?

Air Fryer Won’t Turn On When Plugged In

Your air fryer won’t turn on due to a bad plug, a faulty switch, a blown fuse, or an issue with the control panel.

These are only a few causes, but the situation can extravagate if your appliance is in use for long periods. Though you can’t see error codes on the air fryer, you must find the problem by examining each part thoroughly. The problem can be minor or major, which you can resolve only after knowing the root cause.

In this guide, we have elaborated on multiple causes of why an air fryer won’t turn on when plugged in and how you can eliminate the cause to restore its normal functioning.

Why Won’t My Air Fryer Turn On When Plugged In?

Your air fryer may stop working all of a sudden for several reasons. You need to troubleshoot the unit to understand what the problem is. Sometimes, the issue is small, and you can fix it without stressing out, but sometimes, you can only fix it with a technician’s help.

However, knowing the possible reasons is the first step to reaching the level of fixing things to fry favorite foods. Some of the reasons are:

Why Won’t My Air Fryer Turn On When Plugged In

  • The socket to which you are connecting the air fryer is faulty.
  • If the plug is loose in the socket and doesn’t fit properly, your appliance will not turn on.
  • A damaged, bent, twisted, or worn-out cable will prevent the air fryer from turning on.
  • If the fuse of the power cord is blown due to some reason.
  • Some manufacturing defects can also lead to this problem, for which you must reach out to a technician.

What to Do If Air Fryer Won’t Turn On When Plugged In?

Multiple ways can help you resolve the problem of the air fryer not turning on, and each solution works for each particular reason.

If your air fryer doesn’t turn on when plugged in, try these steps:

What to Do If Air Fryer Won’t Turn On When Plugged In

Check If It’s Issue With Power Cord

A general but very important thing you must check before calling an expert is finding out the power cord issue. Make sure it is plugged in properly and secure the cord in its place.

If you somehow forgot to plug in the power cord, your unit will not turn on normally. Unplug & replug the switch to the power outlet if the issue persists.

Air Fryer Won’t Turn On When Plugged In - How to Fix It

Check If Fuse Is Blown

The socket you use to plug in your air fryer can be blown. Checking it and replacing it with a new and better fuse is good. 

For this purpose, it’d be better to reach out to a professional because some models require different replacement methods. Once the socket and fuse are fixed, your air fryer will start working.

Test The Power Button

Sometimes, the issue with the power button stops the air fryer from turning on. You can fix it by long pressing the reset button.

If the issue isn’t fixed by resetting, head towards replacing the power button.

Examine Control Panel

If the control panel of the air fryer isn’t functioning properly, the issue will prevent the unit from working.

Luckily, a reset button is all you need to fix this issue if the problem is major, better to replace the control panel.

Adjust Temperature Settings

Setting up an air fryer to a high-temperature range will also hinder its normal operation, and your unit will not work. 

Adjust the temperature to a low range to turn it on. Even if your appliance can sustain higher temperatures, it is better to keep the temperature lower for safety reasons.

Fix If It’s a Problem With Timer

Any issue with the timer can also cause this trouble which you can avoid by setting up the timer.

If your unit has an auto-shutoff feature and isn’t turning on as usual, leave it unplugged alone for 15 to 20 minutes. It will get better once the air fryer motor cools down.

Check Cooking Time

If the cooking time isn’t fixed or set to a certain limit, your air fryer will not turn on. Set the cooking time to restore the normal preparation programs of your appliance.

Make Sure the Power Supply Is Working

Sometimes, an air fryer stops working due to an inadequate power supply or source. This can be due to the socket or switch, which you can replace to avoid the issue. However, it is always better to ask for a professional’s help for safety reasons.

See if the power cable is damaged and hindering the power supply. Get a new power cable or repair the damaged parts.

Look Over The Air Fryer’s Basket

Sometimes, an air fryer’s basket isn’t placed in the right position, which prevents it from turning on.  If the basket isn’t fixed or is misplaced, it will cause this issue.

Your unit has some latches or hooks to fix each component in its place to avoid unwanted events or keep the door of the unit shut. If the basket interrupts the latches, it will keep the door open, and your unit will not turn on.

Inspect Safety Features

You will find the safety feature at the back of your air fryer, which often prevents the unit from turning on. If your unit is turned off, but the safety feature is on, your air fryer will not work.

Flip the switch to turn it off and restore the normal operation.


Why Does An Air Fryer Keep Shutting Off?

Sometimes, you successfully turn on your air fryer, but it turns off quickly. When you try again, it keeps shutting off, making everything even more frustrating. 

Why Does An Air Fryer Keep Shutting Off

This could be due to some reasons, such as:

  • The auto shut-off function isn’t working properly and doesn’t prevent the unit from overheating; your unit will keep shutting off until it cools.
  • This issue will arise if your appliance is turned on for longer without initiating a program.
  • If the door isn’t locked or the latches do not fit properly, the air fryer will keep turning off or not turn on.
  • A poorly placed basket also causes this problem, and you can place it correctly to prevent the air fryer from turning off.

Inspect each component of your air fryer carefully to see what leads to these issues and how to avoid them. Following some tips and tricks, you can run your air fryer without trouble.


Why Does My PowerXL Air Fryer Not Turning On?

If your PowerXL air fryer has stopped functioning, it could be a faulty power cord, a poorly fit cable, a displaced basket, and a blown fuse. You can reboot the air fryer or seek professional help to locate the exact problem and find the relevant solution.

What to Do When Ninja Air Fryer Doesn’t Turn On?

Your Ninja air fryer will not turn on for some reason. You can resolve this by:

  • Resetting and rebooting the air fryer
  • Ensuring the switch is plugged in
  • Adding a plug to the right socket
  • fixing the timer
  • Repositioning the air fryer basket 
  • Replacing broken or damaged components

How to Reset An Air Fryer?

Press the turn-off button to reset an air fryer and let the unit cool down. Once it is cool, you can hit the reset button, which is located at the base of the unit.

Wrapping Up

Air fryers are undoubtedly the ideal appliances to cook and fry delicious foods without using much oil. However, they can stop working suddenly when some issue exists. But before rushing towards the solution, you must know the cause.

Your air fryer won’t turn on when plugged in if not plugged in properly; it has a faulty socket, a damaged cable, and an improperly placed basket. You can fix these components or leave your unit for 15 minutes to try turning it on again. Getting help from the expert would be your final option if you cannot fix it.

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