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Air Fryer Not Working: Discover The Step-By-Step Guidance

air-fryer-not-workingThe air fryer is now the most useful appliance in the kitchens. Almost every person is using this appliance for healthy food. What if the air fryer not working? 

For most people who are using this air fryer, this is a common question. When you are using some appliance most of the time in the kitchen, it has chances of getting burned or just repaired.

There can be various reasons that can lead to a problem in your air fryer. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with the device, but the electricity supply doesn’t let the machine work properly.

Although it is not necessary to replace the whole appliance when a little repair is needed, you can also confirm this situation from your nearby electronic shop.

An air fryer is the most advanced technology used in kitchen appliances. You can search this website for more new and advanced appliances for the kitchen. 

Why is the air fryer not working?

What can be the reasons for the air fryer is not functioning? There can be a voltage fluctuation in your house. 

When the device is not connected to the circuit or the electricity is not passing through properly, there is a chance that the air fryer does not start.

Although these are the most basic reasons that cause the air fryer not to function, the other reason can be burning a part of the air fryer or not cleaning the air fryer.

When using an appliance, you will need to clean it torturously to prevent any blockage. This blockage will result in strange noises or smoke.

These are the signs that can tell you something strange in your air fryer. This post will tell how to identify and solve all these problems.

Why is the air fryer not working?

Advantages of air fryer:

The sir fryer is quite famous in the world of kitchen appliances. However, there is a major reason people are attracted to this device. 

The air fryer is the only device that does not require oil and gas to cook a portion of food. Most patients with blood pressure are using this device as it is quite healthy.

People have started noticing a better change in their health when they consume air-fried items. You can save much of your time and oil as it does need only a bit of oil for the taste.

The air fryer cooks your food within 5-10 minutes. So having all these advantages, why would anyone use a stove for baking or cooking.

Minor signs of defective:

The minor reason that can stop the functioning of the air fryer is uncleaned, and the basket is not attracted properly.

You shortly need to check these things whenever you feel that your air fryer is not working or stops while working.

If you feel that there is nothing wrong with the electrical circuit or the basket is completely attracted to the appliance, you can further notice.

There is also a chance that your appliance is not clean enough, creating a blockage in the fryer.

Major dysfunction in the air fryer:

When you see a smoke generating from the appliance, that is an alarming situation. You will need to stop the air fryer and need to check as it can set your house on fire.

The strange noises and not starting at all are the key signs that you will need to open the appliance now.

Foiling and paper causing the disturbance:

When cooking any food in the air fryer, you will need to put on some parchment paper or foil to avoid oil, fats, or food substances.

People have the misconception that these parchment or foil harm the air fryer. That is not true; this paper or foiling does not affect the air fryer.

Although these are good for your air fryer, they will keep it clean. You can warp the paper and clean it whenever you cook something in the air fryer.

This strategy is the quickest cleaning technique to do.

Fixing the issues:

There are plenty of ways that can fix your air fryer. The step-by-step guide is:

  • Turn off the switch and unplug the device from the circuit. The open will not have access to the electricity and is for the safety. 
  • Check if the basket is attached to the appliance. If yes, then upside down the air fryer. 
  • There will find  4-5 screws located on it. 
  • Take a screwdriver and open it one by one. 
  • If you feel the burning smell coming out of the air fryer, you will need to take it to the electronic shop. 
  • There is also the chance that the internal wiring is not working or attracted properly. This loss of wiring can be a reason for the air fryer not working properly. 


What are the signs that can lead to knowing the dysfunction of the air fryer?

Whenever you feel that the air fryer generates some strange noise or smoke, the other reasons are when the air fryer stops working while you are cooking or does not start in the first place.

Can you fix the air fryer at home? 

Although you have minor issues in your air fryer, you can easily fix the issues, and if there is something internal, you will need to take it to the electronic shop.

Can we use parchment paper while using the air fryer?

Yes, the parchment paper for the air fryer is the most suitable. It will vanish out all the extra oil and clean your air fryer even after cooking.

Why do people choose an air fryer over the stove?

The air fryer requires only half a tablespoon of oil, or maybe less, whereas the stove will take plenty of oil. This oil is the major reason for heart and blood pressure in human beings.

People also need some healthy and delicious products simultaneously, so they started buying the air fryer. However, people start noticing better health changes after cooking in the air fryer. This air fryer is great for cholesterol patients.

Final Thoughts

When you want tasty and healthy food, you cook it in the air fryer. The air fryer is the most used product in your kitchen. This more use will turn your air fryer not working.

When you use something more often and do not maintain it, it will tend to stop working, Although, there can be a minor issue such as electricity supply or the basket is loose.

The other reasons, such as internal wiring detected, or might be burnt, can need proper maintenance and repair. However, you can still fix your air fryer instead of replacing it.