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About Us

Hello, and welcome to Kitchen Dorks, 

I’m Alexander May and I’m a foodie! Not, the kind of foodie who eats out every day, but the kind who fixes a gourmet dish on their own to present to the family every other day. Since I love cooking, I make sure that my kitchen has all the right appliances to make my work easier and the outcome more professional. My wife often gets annoyed with this obsession of mine to purchase and test any good appliance that comes into the market. 

Besides keeping it equipped with all the latest gadgets, what I can’t stand is a dingy kitchen. Keeping it clean and changing its decor every now are also some of the things I’m proud of. Although my wife picks out the colours and the design, I’m the one who brings it all to life! And whether it’s repainting the cabinets or changing the kitchen faucet, I only spend on the material. Some may call me miserly, but I don’t call the handyman until it’s absolutely necessary!  

I believe that these are a few of the tasks that can be done by anyone. And believe it or not, it’s fun! Only last month, my wife was out of town and I surprised her upon her return with a little makeover of our kitchen. All I did was repaint the cabinets with an antique touch and change the curtains but it gave a whole new look to the place! And of course, she loved it!

So I decided to put my experience to use, share it with you guys! The idea behind Kitchen Dorks is that anyone, even a newbie should be able to pick the essential kitchen equipment for themselves. Your kitchen should be equipped with the best kitchen gadgets, but not the priciest ones. You’ll find honest reviews here so that only those appliances make it to your kitchen that deserve a place there. 

You’ll also find renovation ideas for your kitchen which you can execute on your own, and with the lowest possible budget. It’s not hard, even if you haven’t done anything like this ever before.    

Although I had loads of ideas before starting the website, I’ll admit that it would have been impossible to implement without my wonderful team. I know all about the kitchen but not too comfortable with the technical stuff. Thank God, Olivia, our web designer handles much of that on her own. The other two team members of Kitchen Dorks help me out with the content and review it before putting it up on the website.  

So that’s all about Kitchen Dorks. Thank’s for coming here. I hope our website turns out helpful for you and you find whatever is it that you’re looking for. We’ll continue adding more useful content as we learn. Your feedback is invaluable and will help us grow. You can contact us here.

Alexander May – Owner